Call Parking

Call Parking makes it easy for small businesses to manage incoming calls and make sure they’re being handled by the right person. When a call is answered from your Main Line, you can move it to a parked status where anyone else on your team can pick it up.

Call Parking

Call Parking allows you to move incoming calls on your main line to a parked area where anyone on your team can then pick up the call from any extension or department.

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Where are calls parked?

Calls are technically parked on Dialpad servers where they’ll be eventually picked up. For the user, the calls are parked on the Main Line.

How is Call Parking different from Hold?

When you put a caller on hold, they’re still technically connected to your line until you take them off hold or transfer them somewhere else. Call Parking moves that call to a Parking Lot (a shared area) where it can be retrieved by anyone with access to the lot.

What does the caller experience while parked?

A parked call while hear your hold music.

How long will a call remain parked for?

Calls will remain parked until someone picks them up or the caller hangs up.

How much does call parking cost?

Call Parking is included for free on Pro and Enterprise plans.

How many calls can be parked at a time?

You can have up to one hundred calls parked, per office, at a time.

Which desk phones can I use to park calls?

You can read more about Dialpad’s desk phone compatibility here.

Can a parked call be picked up from a shared desk or room phone?

Yes, parked calls can be picked up from virtually any phone connected to the Dialpad network.

Can a call be picked up from any device?

Yes, Call Parking works on every device that is connected to Dialpad.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I learn more about Call Parking?

You can sign up for our weekly live Q&A webinar and ask your question there.

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