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How PartsSource serves customers better with Dialpad Ai


Remi Holdings, a pioneer in the hospital equipment maintenance sector, faced an evolution when it was acquired by PartsSource. Jonathan Meredith, Systems and Security Engineer at Remi, vividly remembers the initial hurdles. The disjointed nature of their existing call center and phone system was more than just an IT issue—it was an operational bottleneck.

Dropped calls from accidentally closed browser tabs, inaccurate metrics due to the system’s inability to recognize calls on another system, and a challenging call recording modification process had become all too common. "Our old telephony system was all a mess, and it was poorly executed," Jonathan says.

“Dialpad gave us 40% savings compared to our old platform”

After they decided to revamp their telephony and communication system, PartsSource explored the vast world of cloud offerings. But amidst the sea of options, Dialpad emerged as a beacon. Not only was its interface user-friendly and sleek, but it also showcased live transcription during the demo, a feature that was a complete novelty to PartsSource’s team.

Jonathan recalls, "We felt like something was different about Dialpad. Nothing like this exists out there." The Dialpad backstory, intricately linked with the creators of Google Meetings, further piqued their interest.

And when Remi’s leadership weighed in, the verdict was unanimous: Dialpad was the top choice. “After we brought Dialpad in for a proof of concept that lasted two to three weeks, we compared the cost of our current platform vs. Dialpad, and was shocked to find that Dialpad gave us 40% savings compared to our old platform,” says Jonathan.

Empowering the team to serve customers better

Serving customers better with Ai transcriptions

After the team implemented Dialpad, Jonathan instantly noted the difference Dialpad's Ai-powered transcriptions brought to the table. Instead of diving into hours of audio, managers could now glance at transcriptions to gauge call quality. He says, "We now monitor calls in real-time. Transcriptions help us identify areas of improvement without listening to lengthy recordings."


Sentiment analysis further assisted the team in pinpointing the exact moments a customer might be unhappy. This wasn't just about troubleshooting—it was about proactivity. "With transcriptions, accountability has skyrocketed. If something's missed during a call, we can trace it back easily," Jonathan says.

Mainline support

Ai Scorecards and Real-time Assist (RTA) cards also worked perfectly to help the team improve calls. While Ai Scorecards allowed for an unbiased quality check on each call, RTA cards served as on-call assistants. "The RTA cards have been game-changers. They guide our team on what to highlight or avoid, ensuring top-tier customer service every time," Jonathan says.

Speech coaching

Empowering the sales team with RTA cards

For PartsSource's sales team, RTA cards evolved from just being an Ai tool to a coaching guide. Their coaching groups incorporated these RTA cards to demonstrate best practices, highlighting exact conversational moments that resonated with clients. "We use RTA cards in coaching groups. They offer precise feedback and show representatives how to enhance their pitch," Jonathan says.

Seamless workflows with the Dialpad + Salesforce integration

The union of Dialpad and Salesforce was like merging two powerhouses. Jonathan remembered the initial apprehension among the PartsSource’s team, given the customization needs. Yet, Dialpad showcased its flexibility.

"We molded Salesforce within Dialpad to our liking. It streamlined our workflow incredibly," he recalled. The integration was so seamless and impactful that PartsSource expanded its adoption. After seeing its success, we added 40+ Dialpad Ai Sales Center licenses. More of our team now benefits from this integration," he says.

Thanks to the many ways Dialpad Ai has helped PartsSource’s sales team, they’ve extended their sales call center coverage. Jonathan says, “Our sales call center is now open 24 hours, six days a week—up from eight hours a day, five days a week.” Talk about serving customers better!

Beyond metrics: Dialpad's automation and analytical edge

With Dialpad's robust call center analytics, department heads at PartsSource found empowerment. Instead of relying solely on the IT department, team leaders could make modifications directly, harnessing the data to improve operations. Simplifying this administrative process proved to be a significant time-saver for everyone involved.

But perhaps the most transformative aspect of Dialpad was its move from manual to automated processes. The example of the real-time QA Scorecards stands out. Previously, evaluating calls required spreadsheets, emailed questionnaires, and follow-up calls. Today, call scoring is not only faster but also far more accurate.


"Now, they can score faster and get better and quicker feedback. Now, it’s saving the team a lot of time, even though they only started using it about 60 days ago. It’s all automated, and the agents can pre-populate 90% of the information," Jonathan says.

Envisioning tomorrow: AI's role in shaping PartsSource’s business success

Jonathan is optimistic about the role of AI in shaping the future of business operations at PartsSource. "More of the organization adopting the technology to get a better handle on how employees are performing and what their customers are talking about," he predicts. There's also a sense of accountability that AI introduces, ensuring staff perform at their best while providing a reliable transcript of all customer interactions.

AI, according to Jonathan, is only going to grow and become more integrated into operations. "Who knows what the future holds? The future is really unlimited when you add an AI engine on top of voice technology."

As for businesses mulling over the adoption of AI? Jonathan has a piece of straightforward advice: show leadership the tangible benefits. Invite them to a Dialpad meeting, showcase the summaries, and let them experience the power firsthand. "Then, they can get management onboard and push it from the top down of the organization."

Through the journey with Dialpad Ai, PartsSource has not only revamped its operations but has set the stage for an AI-driven future. One that promises efficiency, accuracy, and unlimited possibilities.

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