A cloud phone system for your business

Work from anywhere, on any device.

Set it up without IT help and keep your existing phone number. See how it works for yourself with a 14-day free trial.

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Why Cloud

Simple to use with intelligent integrations to your favorite apps.


With Dialpad we can go right online, provision the user through the UI in literally seconds, and get their phone up and running the same day.

Kat Sweet
Director of IT, Acquia

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We love how easy Dialpad is to deploy. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone.

Kyle Jackson
VP of IT, Percolate

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Our previous system was unreliable and a poor experience for our staff. Dialpad is the complete opposite of that.

Keith Jones
Global Ops Manager, Deputy

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  • What is a cloud phone system?

    Essentially, a cloud phone system frees you (and your business) from being tied to a telecom company.

    Your cloud service provider maintains data centers that house the phone system. When you sign up with the provider (like with Dialpad), you’re allowed access to these data centers. The service allows you to make phone calls through the Internet, so you never have to set up any onsite hardware.

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that makes it all possible. Through VoIP, voice signals can be transmitted over an Internet connection instead of through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network.)

  • Why choose cloud for your business?

    Before cloud phone systems, companies used traditional phone systems like PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and landline desk phones.

    As a phone solution, PBX has a few serious weaknesses. Not only did it require businesses to buy expensive hardware upfront, it also forced businesses to estimate the number of users and calls they would need in the future and make purchases and infrastructure decisions with that maximum in mind.

    Unsurprisingly, this estimate wouldn’t always match up with actual business needs. Companies would often have to overbuy in fear that they might hit capacity too early and have to put their business on pause—not good.

    Here are a few other reasons to go with cloud phone systems, many of which are also UCaaS (unified communications as a service) platforms that also give you messaging, video conferencing, and other advanced features.

  • Scale at your own pace

    And you can do it without installing, maintaining, and updating any expensive hardware. It’s one of the biggest benefits of a cloud solution: you can add new users, remove users, and manage phone numbers all on your own in your account—no expensive IT consultant needed.

  • Work from anywhere

    If you have a distributed team and a global customer base, then you probably need a VoIP or cloud phone system.

    Specifically, you need a cloud phone service provider that can give you good call quality—affordably. If you need to upgrade your Internet, T-Mobile’s partnership with Dialpadgives you a lightning-fast 5G network bundled with a unified communications platform.

  • Use your own devices

    No more provisioning desk phones. With a cloud phone system, you can make calls from your cell phone (using your business number), laptop, tablet, desk phone—or all four.

    It’s less costly—and also saves you time since you don’t have to install expensive communications hardware and infrastructure.

  • Set up in minutes

    When you set up a PBX phone system, you have to factor in hardware, implementation, phone costs, other fees, and a week (or months-long) setup process. Setting up a cloud-based phone system, on the other hand, takes minutes.

    And if you’re running a more extensive operation with international offices or a contact center or two? A cloud phone system works for those setups too.

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You can use your desk phone, or simply download the Dialpad app and use an existing device.

Add a license. Swap a number. Change your voicemail. Managing your phone system is simple and straightforward.

Features that matter

  • Keep your business number

    You can easily port an existing business phone number to Dialpad, whether it’s local, toll-free, or international. Porting a local phone number in the United States is free, and your phone number will remain active while porting takes place. (Dialpad can even port Google Voice numbers.)

  • Fast deployment

    Set up your Dialpad cloud phone system in minutes. Add phone lines, swap numbers, and create ring groups in your online account in real-time.

  • Business phone app

    Every cloud phone system should come with a desktop and mobile phone app. Dialpad’s apps work across iOS, Android, PC, and Mac—and even works on web browsers so you can make calls from any device.

  • Call forwarding to your cell phone

    With Dialpad, you can forward phone calls to your cell phone and have your caller ID show as your business phone number, not your personal number. Who says you have to take calls from your desk?

  • Call transfer

    Look up a team member or team in your company directory and transfer incoming calls there quickly. (You can even set up an IVR or interactive voice response menu in Dialpad so your customers are routed to where they need to go quickly.)

  • 3-way calling

    Need to bring someone else onto a call for help? Add a third caller without interruption, turn a three-way call into a conference call and add more people. Some VoIP phone services will charge you extra for three-way calls, but with Dialpad, they’re included for free as a part of the cheapest pricing plan.

  • Business text messaging

    Message anyone directly from your Dialpad app. You can send SMS text messages, MMS (multimedia messages), and both internal and external messages.

  • Multiple communication channels

    Make calls, send messages, and host video meetings on any device, from anywhere.

  • Robust security

    Dialpad is SOC2® Type II compliant and helps organizations meet their GDPR compliance requirements. From personally identifiable information to actual phone calls, Dialpad’s cloud communications platform ensures that your data is encrypted and secure no matter where you are and what device you are using. The Dialpad security team also monitors threats and audits systems 24/7 so you can rest assured knowing your data is safe.

  • Real-time call transcripts

    Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology not only transcribes calls in real time, it even has a post-call automation that emails you a summary of action items and moments captured during each call (which is especially useful for contact center or call center agents).

  • Visual voicemail

    Dialpad doesn’t just transcribe calls—it can transcribe your voicemails too. This way, if you’re stuck in meetings all day, you can still read transcripts of important calls you might’ve missed.

  • Integrations with existing tools

    Dialpad integrates with popular software from CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot to other customer engagement tools like Intercom and even industry-specific tools like Clio’s practice management software.