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Fleetsmith is a fleet management solution for companies that use Apple devices across their organizations. It provides a mobile device management system that allows IT teams to automate tasks and processes like setting up new devices, applying patches, enforcing policies, updating security, gathering intelligence, and more.

We recently interviewed Dan Levinschi, VP of Global Business Operations at Fleetsmith to hear more about how Dialpad is implemented and what they’re seeing as the biggest successes.

Q: Why is business communications important to Fleetsmith?

Dan: Fleetsmith’s entire organization needs some form of a communication or telephone system. From engineering to marketing, people operations, our executive team and sales, we rely on the phone system to operate day to day.

Q: What were some challenges you were facing before Dialpad?

Dan: Prior to Dialpad, our employees were using their personal cell phones and expensing the cost to the company. This is not a scalable solution, and for insights into important calls like sales calls, we weren’t able to track anything.

Q: What were you looking for while evaluating business phone systems?

Dan: We’re a very security conscious company, and all of our data needs to be under control ⁠— this includes all of our IT systems, especially communications. We needed secure software that IT could manage and control—with Dialpad, we have just that.

Q: What are some of the biggest benefits you’re seeing with Dialpad?

Dan: Now that we have everything centralized on Dialpad, we are seeing some great benefits. We integrated Dialpad with our Salesforce instance, and now everything is automated for our sales team. They are dialing straight from opportunities, everything is tracked, and we have call data. Instead of asking reps, I can just go to the call dashboard to see what our sales team is doing and how many calls they’re making.