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How Hillcrest Health saves time every week with Dialpad Ai

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When Hillcrest Health was founded in 2019, their mission was to help more people lead healthier, happier, and more empowered lives through the world’s best group workout experience. As a F45 Training franchisee, Hillcrest Health is known for its dynamic HIIT workouts and operational prowess.

However, it quickly became clear that to stay competitive in the dynamic fitness industry, they needed a better communication system to ensure they can stay true to their mission and keep helping people live their healthiest lives.

We spoke to Sommer Ehrenberg, the Director of F45 Operations and Hillcrest Health, who oversees the seamless running of nine F45 studios throughout the United States. Her role is a challenging mix of management, training staff, and ensuring that each studio not only meets but exceeds their operational goals. She explains how coordinating operations across diverse locations, including Boston, Maryland, and Colorado, had its share of communication challenges.

“We wanted to access multiple lines to improve operations”

The core issue was clear—Hillcrest Health needed a more versatile and efficient communication system. "We needed a solution that allowed our administrators to manage operations effectively with access to multiple lines," Sommer says. Previously, their managers had to use their personal lines for work calls, which wasn’t ideal.

When they discovered Dialpad, it wasn't just the multi-line feature that caught their attention—it was the promise of a comprehensive communication platform tailored for efficient management.

Adopting Dialpad transformed how Hillcrest's managers interacted within their teams and with clients. Having separate lines within the same department means improved professionalism and privacy. Managers can now make calls using the studio number, ensuring personal lines remain personal.

"Dialpad didn’t just meet our expectations—it surpassed them, especially with its administrative capabilities," Sommer adds. The onboarding experience with Dialpad further reinforced their decision.

According to Sommer, the setup was intuitive and quick, significantly reducing the learning curve for new users. “It’s easy to add or remove users as an administrator, “ says Sommer.

Saving 2 to 4 hours per week with Ai Transcriptions

Dialpad's Ai Transcriptions feature is now an important tool for the Hillcrest Health team. "Some of our calls can be as long as 30 minutes to an hour long,” says Sommer. Previously, they had to listen to multiple long calls per day if they wanted to check what happened during the calls.

Screenshot of Dialpads call interface with Dialpad Ai running a live transcript which includes an automated note to speak slower

“Now, we scroll through detailed, accurate transcripts, saving us two to four hours a week," Sommer shares. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in managing memberships and resolving customer queries. With Ai Transcriptions, tracking conversations and extracting crucial information takes a matter of minutes, not hours.

Impactful insights with Dialpad Analytics

For Sommer, Dialpad's analytics is invaluable in gaining insights into team performance and operational efficiency. She regularly pulls weekly and monthly analytics to monitor call volumes and employee performance. "This data helps us understand our outreach efforts and manage our team's workload effectively," she explains. “I can cross-reference call statistics, and find out who the team has been calling, how many calls they’re making, and who they’re making the calls to,” Sommer says. The weekly emails with call statistics ensure that managers remain informed and proactive in their roles.

Screenshot of Dialpads call analytics dashboard

Looking ahead: Learning more Dialpad features

As Hillcrest Health continues to grow, so does its exploration of Dialpad's capabilities. While the primary use has been for calls, Sommer says, “Our team is keen to delve deeper into Dialpad's other features. We've just begun to explore what Dialpad can do. The potential for further improving our operations is exciting," she says.

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