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From 3 weeks to 4 days: How the TNCSA coaches agents faster

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Since 1989, the Tennessee Community Services Agency (TNCSA) has been unwavering in its commitment to enhancing the well-being of citizens across the state. Offering an array of services, from aiding those with intellectual disabilities to providing a 24/7 domestic violence helpline, the agency stands as a pillar of hope for the people of Tennessee.

At the helm of technology operations is Taylor Jones, the Director of Technology, whose role is pivotal in ensuring that the diverse services offered by TNCSA run smoothly and effectively. Under his watchful eye, the agency navigates the complex world of modern communication, striving to connect with those in need promptly and compassionately.

But the journey to achieving efficient and effective communication wasn't without its challenges. Taylor recalls the days before Dialpad, when cumbersome on-premise solutions and unwieldy call centers hindered their ability to respond swiftly to Tennessee's citizens. Logistical hurdles and technological limitations constrained the agency's capacity to reach its full potential in service delivery.

Yet, in the face of these challenges, TNCSA embarked on a journey that would redefine how they interact with those they serve.

A mobile office that works 24/7

The Tennessee Community Services Agency always knew that an efficient communication system was more than a convenience—it was a lifeline for those they serve. As an organization that sees an average of 2,000 calls each day, they knew they needed a solution that was more agile, reliable, and comprehensive. They knew they could no longer operate on four separate servers, with only one server that would take their thousands of calls each day.

The decision to adopt Dialpad marked the beginning of a transformative journey for TNCSA. "Our previous setup was on-premise, clunky, and incredibly rigid," recalls Taylor. "We desperately needed something as dynamic as our services and could keep up with our rapid response needs."

The transition to Dialpad was nothing short of a revelation for the agency. Unlike their previous system, which required an extensive and time-consuming setup for each new user, Dialpad’s intuitive design allowed for a seamless and rapid transition. "The swiftness with which we could bring our team onboard was incredible," Taylor shares. "What used to take us fifteen minutes per user with the old system now takes about two to three minutes with Dialpad."

But the benefits didn't stop there. The shift to Dialpad brought a newfound flexibility that was previously unattainable. With no need for physical servers, the agency found itself liberated from the constraints and maintenance demands of its old system. "Moving to the cloud meant we were no longer tied down by hardware limitations. Our team could effectively work from anywhere, making our service truly 24/7," explains Taylor. This ability to operate remotely was not just a technological upgrade—it was a paradigm shift in how the agency fulfilled its mission.

Serving customers faster with call routing

For the TNCSA, every second counts when responding to a call. Whether it's an urgent request for social work assistance or a distress call on their domestic violence helpline, rapid response can make a world of difference. This is where Dialpad's call routing capabilities have been a game changer.

Before Dialpad, TNCSA grappled with a cumbersome call system. Charles, one of the key supervisors at TNCSA, recalls the pre-Dialpad era marked by inefficiencies and delays. "In those days, it was more about juggling between different systems and trying to manage the unmanageable," he says. “The old system was queue-based and experienced many outages and dropped calls.” Not only did the previous system slow down response times, but it also added undue stress to the staff's already challenging roles.

The adoption of Dialpad brought a much-needed overhaul to this system. Call routing, a standout feature for the agency, has significantly streamlined their process. "Now, calls are directed to the right person without delay. It’s no longer a labyrinth of transfers and holds," Taylor adds. This efficiency is crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive issues like domestic violence, where every moment is precious.

Moreover, the advanced call routing system has allowed TNCSA to optimize its workforce. Instead of being bogged down by call management, employees can now focus on what they do best—providing essential services to those in need. This has not only sped up their response times but has also improved the overall customer experience.

Charles shares a recent success story: "There was an instance where we received a call from a distressed individual, and thanks to Dialpad's efficient routing, we could immediately connect them to the right counselor. It was a matter of minutes, but for the caller, it could have meant everything."

The improvement in speed and efficiency brought about by Dialpad’s call routing has become a cornerstone of TNCSA’s commitment to timely and effective customer service. It is a testament to how the right technology can profoundly impact an organization’s ability to serve its community better.

Coaching agents in 4 days instead of 3 weeks

At the TNCSA, training and coaching agents effectively is pivotal to their mission. With Dialpad’s innovative features like RTA Cards, call monitoring and custom moments, they’ve revolutionized how they prepare their agents to serve the community.

In the past, agent training was a lengthy, three-week process—a time-consuming and often inefficient undertaking. Charles reflects on the old ways: “We were losing precious time. Our training was spread thin over weeks, with many manual evaluations and eavesdropping sessions.”

The call monitoring feature has been particularly transformative. “Now, we can actively listen in and provide real-time feedback to our staff,” Charles explains. “It’s not just about observing anymore. We can use call whispering and intervene when necessary, which accelerates the learning curve for our agents significantly.”

Screenshot of call with Ai Assist

The implementation of Dialpad’s custom moments has also been crucial in enhancing agent performance. This feature allows TNCSA to flag specific keywords or phrases during calls. These triggers then provide instant feedback or reminders to agents, ensuring they stay on track and handle calls correctly. “It’s like having an extra pair of ears that never miss a beat,” says Taylor.

“Our new hires get up to speed much faster now, and we’ve cut our training time down to just four days.”

These tools have not only shortened the training period but also heightened the quality of coaching. “Our agents are more confident and better equipped after training, which means they’re ready to help our callers more effectively,” says Charles.

For TNCSA, Dialpad has been more than just a communication tool— it’s an integral part of their mission to serve the people of Tennessee. “Seeing our agents grow rapidly and knowing they’re providing top-notch service makes all the difference,” Taylor concludes, reflecting on the profound impact of Dialpad’s technology on their operations.

Saving 1.5 hours each day with Ai Transcriptions and Ai Scorecards

TNCSA's prior approach to call analysis was labor-intensive and time-consuming. "Before Dialpad, our review process was essentially manual labor," admits Taylor, the agency's director of technology. "Managers had to listen to calls in their entirety, often multiple times, to accurately evaluate and score them."

Call with contact

The switch to real-time call transcriptions marked a significant shift. Now, managers can quickly skim through text transcriptions of calls to identify key sections or issues. This change alone has had a profound impact on time management. Charles estimates:

"We're probably saving an hour and a half each day just by using transcriptions instead of listening to every call."

Similarly, the Ai Scorecards feature has streamlined the quality assurance process. Unlike the old method of randomly sampling calls for review, Dialpad’s Ai Scorecards enable the agency to assess every call efficiently. This comprehensive approach ensures a higher standard of service and allows for more targeted agent coaching.

Taylor reflects on the previous challenges: "We were barely scratching the surface with our old method, hitting maybe 1% of calls for review. Now, we’re able to quickly zero in on the calls that matter most, whether they are outstanding examples of service or calls that reveal areas for improvement."

This advanced technology not only saves time but also contributes to a more robust training and development program for agents.

"The level of detail we get from Ai Scorecards helps us provide precise, constructive feedback to our agents. And this, in turn, translates to better service for the people of Tennessee."

Looking ahead: Call center analytics

The journey with Dialpad has already brought Tennessee Community Services Agency significant strides in improving their operational efficiency and customer service. The shift from an on-premises system to Dialpad’s cloud-based solution has not only simplified their technological infrastructure but also introduced powerful tools like Ai Transcriptions, Ai Scorecards, and effective call routing. These advancements have translated into tangible benefits: faster onboarding of agents, enhanced customer experience, and significant time savings for the staff.

Taylor reflects on the progress: "Moving to Dialpad has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about handling calls more efficiently—it's about providing better service to those in need across Tennessee." He adds, "The way we've been able to rapidly adapt to remote working and maintain our service levels during such challenging times is something we're incredibly proud of."

As they look to the future, the TNCSA team is excited about delving deeper into Dialpad's capabilities, particularly in call center analytics. "We've seen what Dialpad can do for us so far, and it's been impressive. Now, we're looking forward to working with them to develop robust, custom reporting that can give us even more insights into our operations," says Taylor.

The goal is clear—to leverage Dialpad’s technology to its fullest potential, ensuring that TNCSA continues to serve the citizens of Tennessee with the highest standards of care and efficiency. "The possibilities with Dialpad are vast," says Charles. "We’re just scratching the surface, and I'm excited about the future improvements we can make."

This enthusiasm for the future reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation—a commitment that sits at the heart of TNCSA's mission to serve the community. With Dialpad's continued partnership, TNCSA is well-positioned to enhance its service offerings and positively impact more lives across Tennessee.

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