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How Olansky Dermatology went live in just 72 hours

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Since its inception in 1981, Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics has been providing comprehensive dermatology services in Georgia. With a reputation for exceptional patient care, they offer a full spectrum of dermatological services, ranging from general skin care to advanced cosmetic procedures. With offices in Lenox Square, Roswell, and Cumming Olansky Dermatology has become a household name for those seeking top notch skin care.

Yet, as the healthcare landscape evolved, particularly in patient communication, Olansky Dermatology recognized the need for a shift. The practice—led by seasoned professionals like Practice Administrator Trent Renta—faced challenges inherent to a growing, full-service medical group. Trent, along with his team, spearheads the mission to drive an enhanced patient experience, starting right from the first point of contact.

“We've always aimed to go beyond just treating skin conditions. We want to create a friction-less journey for our patients from the moment they reach out to us,” explains Trent. Facing an outdated on-premise communication system, Trent and his team sought a solution that could keep pace with their commitment to patient care and operational efficiency. The quest for a dynamic, cloud-based solution led them to Dialpad, helping them begin a transformative journey in patient communications and internal workflows.

A fully remote, easy-to-manage system in 72 hours

For Olansky Dermatology, the switch to Dialpad wasn't just a mere change of tools—it was a leap into the future of healthcare communications. Trent Renta and his team were on a mission to find a solution that would not only streamline their operations but also offer the agility and flexibility that modern healthcare demands.

“Our previous on-prem system was like being anchored to the past,” Trent recalls. “We needed a platform that could quickly adapt to our dynamic environment and patient needs. Dialpad was the clear choice, offering a cloud-based solution rich with innovative features.”

The transition to Dialpad was nothing short of remarkable. The Olansky team managed to migrate to this sophisticated yet intuitive system within a mere 72 hours—a feat that illustrates the user-friendly nature of Dialpad. “We went from needing a full-time developer to handle minor changes in our old system to an intuitive design where I could easily make real-time adjustments with my team,” explains Trent.

This newfound ease of management and adaptability meant Olansky Dermatology could rapidly scale up or modify their communications, matching the pace of their expansion and the evolving needs of their patients. The transition wasn't just about upgrading technology—it was about empowering the team with tools that complement their expertise and commitment to patient care.

“Dialpad's capabilities far surpassed our expectations, particularly in how effortlessly we could manage the entire system,” Trent adds. “The ability to customize and adapt on the fly, without the need for complex IT interventions, has fundamentally transformed how we connect with our patients and how our internal teams collaborate.” This seamless shift not only enhanced operational efficiency but also laid a robust foundation for Olansky Dermatology's journey toward a more connected, patient-centric future.

A cost-saving, improved patient experience:

Staying one step ahead of bookings

At Olansky Dermatology, Dialpad has transformed the way the team manages patient appointments, especially those requiring specific preparations like numbing. Integrating Dialpad's Custom Moments feature into their workflows has enabled the staff to anticipate and prepare for patient needs more efficiently.

“When scheduling specific treatments, it's crucial to allot extra time for numbing,” Trent shares. “Custom Moments have been instrumental in this process.” This feature has not only streamlined the booking process but also significantly reduced the chances of scheduling errors, ensuring each patient receives the appropriate care and preparation for their procedures.

Top-notch patient service every time with RTA Cards

Real-Time Assist (RTA) Cards in Dialpad have also helped the team enhance patient interaction quality. These RTA Cards serve as timely reminders to agents, ensuring they are fully attentive and responsive to each patient's unique concerns and queries.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Agent Assist functionality popping up helpful information in real time during a live call

“Our agents are now more engaged in each call, thanks to RTA Cards,” says Trent. “With the pop-ups on their screen, our agents are encouraged to slow down and really listen to what our patients are saying, rather than rushing through to the next call.” This heightened attention to patient interaction not only improves the quality of service but also fosters a more caring and attentive atmosphere, reflecting the core values of Olansky Dermatology.

Saving up to 3 hours per day with custom moments

By leveraging Dialpad's Custom Moments feature, Olansky Dermatology’s team has also enjoyed significant time savings and enhanced call quality management.

Screenshot of Dialpads AI powered post call summary with transcript and recording

“Before Dialpad, our call review process was limited and time-consuming,” shares Trent. “We could only sample a tiny fraction of calls, often missing critical interactions. Now, with Dialpad's AI-driven technology, we focus on the calls that matter most.”

Custom Moments works by flagging specific keywords or phrases during patient calls. This feature automatically brings critical conversations to the forefront, allowing managers to quickly skim through the transcript and identify the key sections of the call that require their attention.

“Our managers used to spend hours listening to calls, trying to capture the essence of each patient interaction,” Trent explains. “Now, they can zero in on the most important parts of a conversation in a fraction of the time.”

This innovative approach to call analysis has not only streamlined the managerial workflow but also ensured that no crucial patient communication slips through the cracks. Managers can now review a broader spectrum of calls, gaining deeper insights into patient needs and staff performance.

“Custom Moments has transformed our quality assurance process,” says Trent. “We've shifted from reviewing roughly 1% of calls to focusing on the ones that truly need our attention. The time saved is tremendous—up to three hours a day for each manager. This means more time dedicated to patient care and staff training, enhancing the overall experience at our practice.”

By harnessing the power of AI, Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics has taken a significant step forward in optimizing patient communication, ensuring high-quality service, and embracing the potential of modern technology to improve healthcare delivery.

Reviewing 100% of calls with Ai Scorecards

Transitioning to a more insightful and comprehensive call monitoring system, Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics has embraced Dialpad's Ai Scorecards, revolutionizing their approach to call quality assurance. This innovative feature marks a significant leap from their previous, less structured method of evaluating call interactions.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Scorecards dashboard

“Before Dialpad, our call review strategy was akin to eavesdropping,” Trent admits. “We lacked a systematic way to score calls, and this limited our ability to comprehensively assess and improve our call quality.”

Ai Scorecards have transformed this process by providing a structured and efficient framework for evaluating every call. Now, instead of randomly listening in on conversations and hoping to catch relevant insights, the system automatically scores each call based on set criteria. This allows the team to review 100% of calls, focusing on those that fall outside the expected standards of service and communication.

“We've moved from guesswork to a data-driven approach in managing our call quality,” explains Trent. “Every call is scored, giving us a complete picture of how our team interacts with patients. We're now able to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training to our staff.”

This shift has not only streamlined their internal processes but has also significantly enhanced the patient experience. By systematically reviewing calls, the team can ensure consistent, high-quality interactions, addressing any issues proactively.

“Ai Scorecards give us the insights we need to maintain our commitment to exceptional patient care,” Trent says. “We can celebrate our successes and quickly address any shortcomings. It's a win for both our staff and our patients.”

Optimizing team resources with live analytics

Staying agile and responsive to patient needs is crucial. This is where Dialpad's live analytics feature plays a pivotal role, equipping managers with real-time data to optimize team resources efficiently.

Screenshot of Dialpads built in contact center analytics dashboard

“Live analytics has been critical for our management strategies,” shares Trent. “It provides us with an instant snapshot of our call center's activity, enabling our supervisors to make quick, informed decisions.”

This dynamic feature allows managers to monitor call volumes, agent availability, and the distribution of calls in real time. With this data, they can adjust staffing levels, redistribute calls, and ensure that no patient is left waiting for too long. It's about having the right person in the right place at the right time.

“For instance, during peak hours, if we see an influx of incoming calls, we can promptly reallocate team members to handle the extra load,” explains Trent. “It's about being proactive rather than reactive.”

The reports generated by live analytics also play a crucial role in long-term planning and strategy. By analyzing patterns and trends, the team can anticipate busy periods, plan staffing accordingly, and continually refine their operational processes.

“Having this level of insight into our call center's workings allows us to maintain a high standard of patient service,” Trent adds. “It's not just about managing our current workload—it's about being prepared for what's next.”

In essence, Dialpad's live analytics empowers Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics with the agility and foresight needed in today's fast-paced medical environment. It ensures that resources are optimized, and more importantly, that patients receive timely and effective care.

Looking ahead: Ai Recap and integrations

As Olansky Dermatology Associates continues to innovate and evolve in providing top-notch patient care, the team looks forward to exploring and adopting more of Dialpad's advanced features. With a forward-thinking approach, they are eager to delve into new territories to enhance their patient service further.

One such feature that has caught their attention is Dialpad's Ai Recaps. This tool promises to streamline meetings by providing summaries and action items, potentially revolutionizing how the team handles larger discussions and decision-making processes. “The Ai Recaps feature seems promising,” says Trent. “We're excited to see how it can aid our larger meetings and help us distill important points more efficiently.”

Screenshot of a call summary generated by Dialpads Ai Recaps functionality

Additionally, the team at Olansky is keen on integrating more of their systems with Dialpad. These integrations could further consolidate their workflows and communications, making their operations even more seamless and patient-focused.

Reflecting on their journey with Dialpad, Trent highlights the overall positive impact it has had on their practice. “Dialpad has truly been a game-changer for us,” he shares. “From improving patient experiences to making our internal processes more efficient, it's been instrumental in helping us grow and adapt in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.”

As they look to the future, the potential of Dialpad to contribute even more to their success is clear. With each new feature and integration, Olansky Dermatology steps closer to achieving its vision of providing exceptional care to all patients through innovative and efficient solutions. The journey with Dialpad is just beginning, and the possibilities for enhancing patient care and operational efficiency seem limitless.

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