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How Sunstate Equipment saves 25% of time with Dialpad Ai

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In the bustling world of construction rental services, Sunstate Equipment Company has carved out a name for itself since 1977. Known for its top-quality equipment and unwavering commitment to customer service, Sunstate has grown significantly, with rental locations spread across the United States, from California to Florida. At the heart of their success lies a keen focus on efficiency and a dedication to meeting customer needs with precision and reliability.

Stephen Schleeper, the Senior VOIP Engineer at Sunstate Equipment Company, plays a pivotal role in this narrative. Tasked with ensuring seamless communication across the company's expansive network, Stephen faced a significant challenge: their 20-year-old legacy systems were showing their age. These antiquated systems lacked modern capabilities crucial for today's fast-paced environment, such as SMS, email, and texting.

"Our old systems just weren't cutting it anymore," Stephen explains. "We needed a solution that could bring us into the modern era of communication and help us maintain the high standards of service our customers expect from us."

“Dialpad’s AI features were a major selling point for us”

When it came time to upgrade their communication system, Sunstate Equipment Company knew they needed a solution that matched their commitment to innovation and customer service. Stephen Schleeper and his team found their answer in Dialpad. "What really drew us to Dialpad was its advanced AI capabilities," Stephen shares. Unlike their previous PBX systems, Dialpad offered cutting-edge features like call recaps, transcriptions, and smart analytics, propelling Sunstate into a new era of communication efficiency.

The transition to Dialpad was not just about adopting new technology—it was a strategic move to enhance every interaction with their customers. "Dialpad Ai isn’t just a tool—it's like having an assistant for every call. It remembers customer interactions, which is invaluable," Stephen points out. This feature proved crucial for improving customer service, as it allowed the team to quickly access detailed information from previous calls, saving valuable time for both the customer and the team.

Onboarding with Dialpad was a swift and seamless experience, a critical factor for a company with such a broad footprint. "From signing the paperwork to full implementation, it took us just 10 weeks," recalls Stephen. The Dialpad team played an instrumental role in this smooth transition. Their hands-on approach ensured that Sunstate's staff, from the Contact Center to the sales team, could make the most of Dialpad's offerings from day one. "Having Dialpad's support made a big difference. They were there with us every step of the way, ensuring that our team could quickly adapt to the new system," Stephen adds.

This transition marked a significant turning point for Sunstate Equipment Company. With Dialpad's AI-driven platform, they were not just upgrading their communication system—they were setting a new standard for efficiency and customer engagement in the construction rental industry.

Saving 25% of time with Ai Recaps

In the fast-paced environment of construction rental services, every minute counts. For Sunstate Equipment Company, adopting Dialpad's AI technology has translated into significant time savings and efficiency gains. "Since integrating Dialpad, we've noticed a remarkable 25% reduction in the time spent on calls," Stephen proudly reports. This improvement is not just a win for the team's productivity—it also enhances customer satisfaction.

Dialpad's Ai Recap has been central to this transformation. Following each call, the system generates a concise summary, available within seconds. This instant access to call recaps has proven invaluable for Sunstate's busy team. "Before Dialpad, a four-minute call was the norm. Now, we’re down to about three minutes per call," Stephen explains. This reduction in call duration is a direct result of having crucial information at their fingertips, allowing them to address customer needs more efficiently.

Ai Recaps call summary

The benefits of Dialpad Ai extend beyond just time savings. It has fundamentally changed how Sunstate interacts with its customers. With detailed call histories and transcriptions readily available, repeat callers no longer need to repeat their issues. "Our team can immediately assist with exactly what the customer needs, thanks to the detailed history provided by Dialpad Ai," Stephen notes. This level of personalized and efficient service has not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the customer experience.

For Sunstate Equipment Company, Dialpad's Ai features have been more than just a technological upgrade—they've been a catalyst for better, faster, and more personalized customer service. The ability to swiftly access call summaries and detailed histories means the team can focus more on what they do best—providing top-notch service to their clients.

Improving team performance with Ai CSAT

In the quest to continually elevate their service standards, Sunstate Equipment Company found a powerful ally in Dialpad's Ai Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) feature. This innovative tool has been instrumental in enhancing the performance of their sales team, both new recruits and seasoned members alike. "Ai CSAT has been a game-changer for us," Stephen says. "It's an excellent tool for both identifying areas of improvement and recognizing top performers in our team."

The Ai CSAT feature operates by providing immediate feedback on each call, allowing managers to gauge the quality of customer interactions accurately. This instant insight is invaluable for training purposes, especially for new salespeople who are still learning the ropes. "It's about getting real-time feedback, which we use to guide our newer team members," Stephen explains. "They can quickly learn from each call and continually improve their approach."

For tenured team members, Ai CSAT serves a different yet equally crucial purpose. It helps identify those who might need a refresher or extra coaching to get back on track. "We're now able to focus our training resources more efficiently," Stephen says. "Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we can tailor our support to those who need it most, based on their CSAT scores."

The impact of Ai CSAT extends beyond internal team performance—it directly influences customer satisfaction. With better-trained staff and a more targeted approach to performance improvement, Sunstate Equipment Company ensures that each customer interaction is as effective and helpful as possible. "Our customers notice the difference," Stephen notes. "They're happier with the quicker, more knowledgeable service, which, in turn, makes our business stronger."

Ai CSAT, therefore, is not just a metric for Sunstate—it's a tool that drives continuous improvement and fosters a culture of excellence. By leveraging the insights provided by Ai CSAT, Sunstate Equipment Company is setting new standards in customer service within the construction rental industry.

Looking ahead: Learning more Dialpad features

As Sunstate Equipment Company continues to navigate the evolving landscape of the construction rental industry, their journey with Dialpad is just beginning. While the initial suite of Dialpad features has already brought significant improvements, there's a palpable sense of excitement about what lies ahead.

"We've just scratched the surface of what Dialpad can offer," Stephen Schleeper, Senior VOIP Engineer, reflects. "The success we've seen so far is just the beginning, and we're eager to dive deeper into more of Dialpad's capabilities."

The team at Sunstate has experienced firsthand the benefits of Dialpad's Ai Ai CSAT and Ai Recap features. These tools have not only enhanced efficiency but also transformed their approach to customer service. "What we've achieved with Dialpad's initial features is remarkable," Stephen states. "But we know there's so much more potential to unlock that can help us work even better and serve our customers more effectively."

Looking ahead, Sunstate is keen to explore additional features within the Dialpad platform. Each new tool presents an opportunity to further streamline their operations, improve communication, and strengthen their customer relationships. "We're particularly interested in the features we haven't tapped into yet," says Stephen. "Every new feature we integrate is another step towards optimizing our service and reinforcing our commitment to our customers."

This forward-looking approach is a testament to Sunstate's dedication to continuous improvement and innovation. With Dialpad as a key partner, Sunstate Equipment Company is well-equipped to embrace the future, confident in the knowledge that they have the tools and technology to adapt, grow, and succeed in a competitive market. The journey with Dialpad is an ongoing one, full of possibilities and opportunities to enhance every aspect of their business operations.

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