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With Dialpad Support, learn from your customer calls and deliver one of a kind service with a AI-powered call center platform.

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Sentiment in Real-Time

Know the moment a call turns bad - and have enough time to do something about it - with real-time customer sentiment that displays when Supervisor attention is needed.

Turn Agents into Experts

Automatically populate the right answer to your toughest FAQs with real-time keyword detection powered by VoiceAI.

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Dive Into Reporting

Never scramble for clean reports again. Dialpad offers real-time dashboards and service level alerts for every call center, plus exportable analytics on call volumes.

Why Dialpad Support?

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Bye Agent Fees

Worried about usage fees nickle and diming you? With Support, agents are never charged for local inbound calls.

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Real-Time Alerts

Service Level. Wait Times. Agent Status. Real-time alerts plus our service dashboard keep Supervisors in the know.


Smart(er) Coaching

Access real-time recommendations on the toughest FAQs, plus coaching tools like Listen In, Barge & Take Over.

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Features For Every Team


Stay Alert

Service Level. Wait Times. Agent Status. Real-time alerts plus our service dashboard keep Supervisors in the know.

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Route Callers

Route callers via fixed order or round robin or set up custom hold queue options for each individual call center.


Smart(er) Coaching

Dialpad offers traditional coaching features like Listen In/Barge/Take Over plus AI powered coaching tips via real-time recommendations.


Native Integrations

Dialpad natively integrates with your other cloud based tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, G Suite, and more.

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Monitor & Listen

Listen in when your agents need you most with real-time sentiment and live transcription powered by AI.

"When a customer calls in, we can actually guarantee a quality connection with them."

— Olaf Doemer, Director of Global Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many queues are available within a call center?

It's a 1:1 ratio—every call center includes one call queue (hold queue) to filter your inbound calls to.

Is there a per minute charge for calls?

Every call center package comes with unlimited local inbound calls and 3,000 outbound minutes per Agent per call center ($0.01/min additional). Additionally, there is a inbound toll-free per minute fee of $0.02/min per Agent, per call center.

What integrations are available with call centers?

Currently, we support native integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow in addition to integrations with G Suite, Office 365, and LinkedIn.

What coaching features are available?

Dialpad Support offers coaching and monitoring features like Listen In, Barge In, and Take Over. Additionally with VoiceAI, Supervisors are able to see live sentiment analysis (how the overall call is going) and a real-time transcript of any call that they're viewing.

Do you support the whisper functionality?

We found that the whisper feature was more distracting than helpful (how can you pay attention to what your caller is saying with someone whispering in your ear?). Instead, we offer messaging between Supervisor and Agent so as to not distract from the most important voice on the call—your customers.

What real-time reporting do you offer?

Both Pro and Enterprise Dialpad Support plans offer real-time dashboard with metrics for inbound vs outbound calls (compared to last 7 days), agent metrics, average wait time, etc. Additionally, Enterprise plans include Admin and Reporting APIs.