Desk Phones

Dialpad supports desk phones for employees or workstations that require an always-connected physical line.

Desk Phones

Not every role is a mobile one. Dialpad sells and provides support for desk phones for scenarios in which mobile device isn’t the ideal communications solution.

  • Why a desk phone?

  • Easy setup and provisioning


Do desk phones cost more?

The service to and from the phone does not cost anything extra. However the additional hardware may be purchased through your Dialpad administration portal.

Can I use any desk phone with Dialpad?

Dialpad is only compatible with select Polycom and Obihai desk phones. Learn more about desk phone compatibility here.

How many desk phones can I have on my account?

There is no limit to the number of desk phones that you can connect to your Dialpad account.

What is the difference between a room phone and a desk phone?

The only difference between a room and a desk phone is that a room phone is typically shared by several people, whereas a desk phone is assigned to one specific individual.

Can I use a desk phone in conjunction with my other devices?

Yes, you can use the desk phone alongside any smartphone, laptop, and tablet that’s connected to your Dialpad account.

Weren’t you the people that were out to “Kill The Desk Phone”?

Yes. And we still are. After all, it’s old technology and we’re helping companies move towards the future of work. However, some companies are not quite ready to transition their entire workforce to a BYOD mobile environment yet. We want to make sure they’re properly supported and have the ability to move into modern systems as required.

My question about Dialpad desk phones wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

You check out the desk phone technical FAQ here, or you can register for our weekly live Q&A session and ask your question there.

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