Call Waiting

Never miss an important call again. Call waiting lets you know when another call is coming into your line while Call Display tells you what number it’s coming from. You can quickly put your current call on hold, answer the incoming call, transfer it and then go back to your original call quickly and easily.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting makes it easier to prioritize your calls by letting you put a current call on hold to answer incoming ones. You can also merge calls, transfer callers, or send a caller to voicemail.

  • Never miss an important call again

  • How Call Waiting works


What happens to the call I was on when I answer a second call?

The first caller is put on hold and your hold music hold music of choice is played while they wait for you to return to the conversation

Does it work on all devices?

Yes, but the ‘merge’ option is only available on the Dialpad desktop app.

What happens if I can’t take the second call?

Just click ‘decline’ and the call will be routed to your personalized voicemail service.

Will the caller know that I’ve sent them to voicemail?

No, they’ll hear a normal dial tone followed by your voicemail service.

Does Call Waiting cost more?

No, this standard business feature is included in all Dialpad plans.

Can I disable Call Waiting?

Yes. Administrators can disable the feature for your Main Line or Department calls. However this does not apply to personal or Executive Assistant calls.