Conference Calling

Increase productivity across the enterprise with UberConference conference calling built right inside Dialpad.

Conference Calling

Seamlessly boost team productivity by launching calls with just a click.

  • Increase productivity by unifying your team

  • Your conference call on your PC, laptop or cell phone

  • Secure Conference Calling Without the PINs

  • How to use Conference Calling in Dialpad


How do I start a conference?

Launch a conference straight from Dialpad by either selecting UberConference from your drop-down menu or selecting it from within a message field. If you are in a group chat, you will see an UberConference button in place of the drop-down menu—simply click that.

How do I join a conference as the organizer?

As the conference organizer (i.e. host), you can join a conference by either: Clicking on Join on the conference card invite within Dialpad or clicking on Start from your profile drop-down in Dialpad.

How do I join a conference from Dialpad as a participant?

Click Join on your conference card within your chat. The call is placed through Dialpad. A new window will launch with the active conference screen.

How do I join a conference from outside Dialpad?

The recipient will receive a text message with the conference information in it, including: the URL, the dial-in, and the PIN # (if required).

How do I leave a conference call?

When it's time to leave a conference you've hosted or joined, simply hang up the call from either Dialpad or UberConference to automatically close out your browser tab or Chrome app.

What is the difference between the version standalone version of UberConference and the integration in Dialpad?

The biggest difference between the two is that UberConference functionality within Dialpad is limited to its basic features. Administrative UberConference features must be accessed within UberConference.

Do you need an UberConference account to use conference calling in Dialpad?

Yes. However, Dialpad will automatically create one a free account for you when you launch a conference call.

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