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How Zorba’s agents stay in touch with thousands of users across 3 continents

Zorba customer story

Real estate is a stressful business, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home. So Zorba aims to make selling homes off-market easier and better by letting real estate investors compete over the property. In fact, Zorba recently announced that it’s backed by Y Combinator to efficiently reach and help even more homeowners.

Of course, any business dealing with real estate investors and homeowners requires a lot of communication at all times of the day. So what happens if Zorba’s phone system doesn’t provide the tools they need, or even fails to work?

That was exactly the problem Kobi Mantzur, Zorba’s Co-Founder and CTO, was facing. He tried several different apps, like Aircall, Zendesk, and Freshdesk, but found that they lacked key features that he needed.

In Aircall’s case, for instance, "they don’t have built-in text messaging,” Kobi explains. “And Dialpad’s API is better.”

He needed something that could keep his team connected across three continents, automate communication over text messages, and integrate with the tools they used… and at a price a startup could afford, too.

Where could he find such a thing?

Swift setup (like “less than an hour”-swift)

As Kobi searched for a better business communications platform, it turned out that what he needed was just a Google search away (which feels fitting, since our founders previously helped create Google Voice).

At first, it seemed like Zorba’s budget would make it hard to get a good solution. But as a startup, Zorba was eligible for the Dialpad for Startups program, which suddenly made it easily affordable. Kobi estimates that the company saves hundreds of dollars a month thanks to Dialpad (which is huge for a growing business).

After that, it was time to get set up. Anyone who’s switched to a new communications platform knows how long and cumbersome it can be to set up a new system, migrate everything over, train the team and—oh hey, it’s already done.

Yep, setting up Dialpad took less than an hour. Setting up the APIs to automate text messages only took another hour (more on this in just a bit), and the team was trained and ready within the day. Talk about hitting the ground running!

“We’ve improved our response time to homeowners by 75%”

Now that the team at Zorba has Dialpad, how are they using it?

For starters, they can communicate with thousands of Zorba users around the world from multiple countries, seamlessly.

And some of Kobi’s favorite features? The “great mobile app, outstanding CRM integration, and easy-to-use API.”

Speaking of the API, Zorba is using it in a pretty unique way. Automated texting is important to their business processes, so they set up an API to automate communication with buyers and sellers over text messages. No more rushing to the phone to send text messages as quickly as possible—Dialpad has it covered.

“I can easily automate the conversations with our users,” Kobi explains. “This increases the amount of tickets a single agent can work on using your service.”

Better yet, they can call or text clients from their phones or computers, whichever is more convenient.

What about CRMs? Well, Zorba uses HubSpot, which Dialpad can easily integrate with. Not only does it automatically log calls (including voicemails) to the customer profiles, it provides a plethora of awesome features, like:

  • Embedded links to open customer profiles

  • Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards to help agents on the call

  • Transcriptions in real-time, thanks to Dialpad Ai, Dialpad’s artificial intelligence:

So what does all this give them? More responsiveness and more sales.

We’ve improved our response time to homeowners by 75% and coordinated more transactions thanks to Dialpad.

Kobi Mantzur
Co-Founder and CTO

These days, Dialpad is part of Zorba’s daily operations. It keeps employees connected no matter where they are, boosts responsiveness to customers, and lets them provide better support, all while cutting costs. Everything they need is there in Dialpad, and not only does it work, it has everything they could ask for.

Does your startup need a powerful, secure, and scalable communications solution?

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