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How Racing SA manages 26 race clubs on a unified system and CRM

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When anyone in the southern side of Australia goes out for a day at the races, they have Racing SA to thank. As the governing body for horse racing in South Australia, they manage a whopping 26 race clubs and have a huge range of departments—everything from jockeys and stablehands to refereeing, and even figuring out where horses go to get a good life after retirement.

There’s a lot to manage, and that means they need a good communications platform for internal and external calls alike.

Well, they had a cloud SaaS solution that worked for a while, but after 12 years, it became pretty obsolete. The interface wasn’t user-friendly at all, and the costs were wildly unpredictable, which made it hard to budget. It also didn’t integrate with HubSpot (their CRM of choice), unless they were willing to pay another $12 a month per line.

It was time to find something new. Something with the latest communication features, a HubSpot integration, and a predictable price.

A HubSpot integration without needing extra licenses

One of the first things that Racing SA was looking for was a solution that could integrate with HubSpot. According to Kevin Speering, IT Project Manager at Racing SA: “We needed a solution where we didn’t need to buy any extra licenses for it to work, and that was compatible with our CRM.”

So they were delighted to learn that Dialpad has a native HubSpot integration, which automatically logs calls, transcripts, and voicemail to the CRM. Whenever a call comes in, the number is automatically connected to its existing contact, complete with historical information for the agents. This has made logging calls a whole lot easier, because Dialpad handles it all automatically:

Hubspot Dialpads Hubspot integration automatic call logging v2

And while their previous provider charged extra for the integration, integrating Dialpad with HubSpot costs all of zero dollars per line.

A communications app that’s easy to use and manage from anywhere

“Our previous system was more clunky and just did the basics, like transferring calls, holding a call, or seeing who’s calling,” Kevin said. “But it wouldn’t give us the name of who’s calling, just a number. Whereas with Dialpad, when it rings, if it’s someone we know, it has their CRM contact card on the side, so we’ll know if this person spoke with us before.”

And on the IT side, Dialpad has been incredibly easy to manage. Dialpad’s admin portal puts everything they need in a single pane of glass, so it just takes a click to add new lines, or even entire contact centers. They can also set up an IVR menu with call routing to make sure that each call reaches the right department, without agents needing to constantly forward calls.

All the while, everyone at Racing SA can use Dialpad on their cell phones or work computers, wherever they are. With Dialpad’s mobile app, they can sign on with a tap and make calls from their mobile phones while shielding their personal numbers:

Dialpad Meetings UI on desktop and mobile

More insights into calls with Dialpad Ai

“Now that Racing SA is using Dialpad for their calls, they can gain new insights into all their calls with Dialpad’s analytics. This has been particularly helpful for the racing department, as they can use it to tell call volume patterns and easily spot when there’s a huge influx of calls. “I can see that, on a race day, all of our racing department may be out at the races,” Kevin said. This, in turn, lets them know when to add extra staff to their lines so they can manage calls:

Screenshot of Dialpads built in heat map analytics feature showing average speed to answer

In fact, they can even break calls down to a keyword level. Dialpad Ai automatically transcribes the calls in real-time, and allows them to search through calls for words and phrases, so they can even break down how often callers ask certain questions:

All calls UI

And of course, all the transcripts are automatically logged with the calls on HubSpot. “It’s a handy tool,” said Kevin.

Now that Racing SA is on Dialpad, their daily calls reach the right departments through their IVR, employees can make and take calls from anywhere, they gain new insights, and it’s perfectly integrated with their CRM.

“With Dialpad, when it rings, HubSpot has this column on the side. If it’s someone we know, it has their CRM contact card, so we’ll know if this person spoke with us before,” Kevin said.

Managing a sports or racing organization?

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