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Why DPN says their business phone system is “saving the day”

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DPN Group operates 3 key business units: property investment, finance, and property management. They work alongside Casa Capace, which builds and manages specialist disability homes.

With multiple business units, there are plenty of phone calls, and a wide variety of customers in need of service or assistance. That’s not a problem if a business has a good phone system… But the national telecom provider that DPN used didn’t always provide the best support, and had nothing in the way of features. No call history, no analytics, just a whole lot of paperwork if they wanted to learn anything.

Daniel Feodoroff, Technical Officer at DPN, knew the company needed a better system. Yet the big names he looked at were not only expensive, they didn’t even provide all the features DPN needed.

He needed to find a communications provider that could provide the features DPN needed, at a price they could afford, and with the technology to stay connected across Australia.

“Dialpad is saving the day”

Once Daniel found Dialpad, he and several members of the DPN team tried out the 14-day free trial. Once they did, according to Daniel, they all knew Dialpad was the way to go.

The DPN team easily ported their numbers over to Dialpad, and from there, it was time to start dialing.

Dialpad was so easy. Within five minutes I had an account and people were making phone calls, it was that easy. And it ended up being cheaper!

Daniel Fedodoroff | Technical Officer

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The ability to check call history and records right from the app had an immediate impact on the team’s ability to work. Previously, they’d often receive angry calls from clients and not have any details on previous communications. Now the info is right there, so they can quickly pull up call history and not only show any previous calls, but also the transcripts and highlights from them—no paperwork needed!

Dialpad is saving the day, it’s so good. With Dialpad, we can bring up call history and transcripts to get the proof we need, fast.

Daniel Fedodoroff
Technical Officer

Imagine being a single receptionist responsible for forwarding calls to four businesses. Sounds stressful, right? Before Dialpad, DPN’s receptionist would “answer the phone and have to call a landline, or a mobile, or send a message to check if someone’s available to take a phone call.” With Dialpad? Status messages and a single unified system make it easy to get calls where they need to be, and the calls can be taken on the Dialpad web, mobile, or desktop apps.

Even small functions, like the ability to add labels to callers, have made a big difference. No more being surprised by a returning caller—it’s easy to leave a label saying “landlord” or “tenant.”

We have this one employee who really loves the label function, because she can label callers as a landlord or a tenant. When she’s answering the phone, she sees that label and knows who the person is.

Daniel Fedodoroff
Technical Officer

Dialpad Ai keeps up with every conversation

One of Dialpad’s unique features is its artificial intelligence, which automatically transcribes calls and captures action items for easy reference. The transcriptions have been particularly helpful for dealing with problem customers.

If we want to check what a conversation was about, we can pull up the Vi transcript and give them the gist of what was said. We can see exactly what they talked about, so it’s been really helpful for us.

Daniel Fedodoroff
Technical Officer

Now, accents can be tricky for artificial intelligence to handle, and this is something we’re actively improving in Dialpad Ai as it’s learning Australian slang from DPN’s callers as they go. According to Daniel: “It was so funny when we first started using Dialpad Ai, when team would go in and see the transcripts thinking we were swearing all the time. Now, after using Dialpad for some time, it's improved greatly and understands the Australian accents so much better. Even though there is the occasional mistake, we are able gain action items and transcripts to understand client interactions in greater detail than before.”

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All analytics, no paperwork

With DPN’s old telecom provider, just getting call analytics was nearly impossible. Daniel says that “we thought that because we were on a business plan, we could just go into a portal or get a phone bill and see who called whom and for how long. But it was zip, nothing. We had to request a form and go through a massive process to gain minimal information about phone calls. It was a big mess.”

With Dialpad, if they want to see their analytics, they can just access them from the web portal.

Now, DPN can clearly see how many calls they receive, how long employees talk for, and even who spends the most time on the phone.

(Fun fact: it’s Patricia. In fact, she has the highest talk time so consistently that the team made a game out of seeing who can come closest to her times each week.)

It’s been really good to track and see this data. We never knew how many calls we got as an organization, but now we can just open up Dialpad and see that as an organisation, we have thousands of calls a week, or if we’ve got an employee on the phone for 250 hours a week. We never knew any of this before, so it’s really amazing to be able to go and see.

Daniel Fedodoroff
Technical Officer

It’s amazing what difference a good VoIP phone system can make. DPN went from knowing nothing about their calling to a robust platform that gives them easy access to all the data, insights, and tools they need to succeed. Now they can keep all their businesses connected, stay in touch with customers, and help provide everything needed for housing without communication woes.

Is it time for your business to get robust analytics, Voice Intelligence, and incredible communications?

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