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Call logs

Want call logs that are built right into your unified communications platform? Try Dialpad for free to see how you can have phone calls, video meetings, and messages—in one place! It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and you'll be set up with a virtual phone number too.

What are call logs?

Call logs are basically a record of when phone calls are made and who they were with. Depending on your business, you may log information like:

  • Inbound call origin

  • Outgoing call destination

  • Call time

  • Call duration

  • Network used

  • Transmission details

Your business phone system or unified communications platform should automatically collect and store this list of calls (if you’ve got a good one), so that you can review these conversations later.

Get call logs—and a lot more—with Dialpad

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Find calls easily

Need to find a call from a new contact? Or a specific customer call? With Dialpad's call logs, you don't have to scroll all the way down the call history list to find that one call. Filter by outgoing or incoming calls, call duration, and more.

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Caller ID

With Dialpad, you can quickly see who's calling in the caller ID—and if you integrate it with a CRM like Salesforce, you'll be able to see that customer's past history and interactions with your business too.

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Desktop and phone app

Dialpad works across iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac. Check out all your recent calls (along with SMS messages, meetings, and more) right in your inbox in the app.

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Built-in analytics

Beyond tracking basic call log data, Dialpad also provides important call metrics like call duration and missed calls to help contact center and call center teams understand when calls are coming in more frequently—and make better staffing decisions to provide a better customer experience.

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Integrations with other tools

Your communications platform or phone system should work with the other apps you're using. Dialpad integrates with tools like Google Workspace, Salesforce, and HubSpot to automatically log call activity like incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails, and more.

👉 Dialpad tip:

Don't keep data to yourself! Whether you're sharing call logs with agents or executives, your communications platform or service provider should let you easily convert this data into Microsoft Excel or CSV files if needed so that other teams can use these insights.

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How to manage your call logs with Dialpad

Let’s look at how you can manage your phone call logs with Dialpad. (The overall process should be similar across phone systems.)

You can access call logs and any information recorded from your call history in your Analytics dashboard:

My Calls

Depending on who you are, you will have different permissions to access call data:

Admins: Access all calls within your company and also call recordings from your call summaries. Admins have no limitations on data access—but, Office, Department, and Contact Center admins may be able to only access call logs relevant to them. (A call center admin wouldn’t be able to access call logs for another contact center that’s under a different admin.)

Team coaches: Access all calls for your trainees and access automatic recordings and Dialpad Ai Summaries from these calls.

Individual users: Access call logs from your own line only, including the call recordings and Dialpad Ai Summaries for these calls.

👉 Dialpad tip:

Dialpad Ai is Dialpad’s proprietary AI technology, and the magic behind our hyper-accurate real-time call transcriptions, keyword tracking, and coaching tools like Real-time Assist cards, which pop up automatically with tips when certain keywords are spoken on a call!

In Dialpad, there are two main ways of managing call logs:

For supervisors: Access your team’s call log

If you oversee different departments and teams, you can use the filter feature to access a team’s log from anywhere.

In Dialpad, you can do this right in your dashboard. If you use departments, filter the specific department and control the time frame you want to view.

Want to keep an eye on how your team is managing calls? You can have your team’s call logs emailed to you automatically too.

For individual users: Access your own call log

Let’s say you’re a new contact center rep, you’re super busy, and you’re handling dozens of calls a day. Having call logs allows you to access your call data, review recent calls, and keep improving on your performance on your own time.

Call logs: The unsung hero of communications?

Whether you run a small business or an enterprise, if you're making lots of outbound calls or receiving many incoming calls (or both) call logs are essential.

And with flexible pricing plans and robust built-in functionality that spans different communication channels, Dialpad's platform lets you do much more than track and store call data. Take it for a spin!

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