Business Phone System Comparisons

Dialpad vs. Mitel

Purchasing your first business phone system can mean a big investment of your time and money. With a variety of business phone providers, it can be quite a challenge finding the right one. We want to make the selection process easier by providing a quick guide on some of the options. Here's a comparison between Dialpad and Mitel's MiCloud Connect.

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MiCloud Connect and Dialpad are cloud-based business phone providers. Both offer a full suite of products and provide a comprehensive set of features. While the two VoIP platforms share many similarities, there are several differences. Check out what distinguishes Dialpad from Mitel’s MiCloud Connect below.


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Deployment can be time consuming, and provisioning users can dictate how fast companies get their business phone system up and running. Mitel's MiCloud Connect often relies on an IT team to create new users and de-provision old users. This process is time-consuming and not intuitive. Dialpad makes provisioning quick and simple. First of all, it only takes an admin member a few minutes to create new users within Dialpad. The admin member can perform this task on a laptop, without needing the help of an IT team. Integrations with apps such as G Suite and Okta makes it automatic and easy to sync user profiles across different platforms. Finally, when employees leave the company, admin users can easily remove user privileges. This way, company-sensitive information can stay well protected.


When it comes to user interface, not all business phone systems are created equal. Even within a cloud-based VoIP platform, finding key functionalities can be challenging sometimes. Mitel's MiCloud Connect has business phone system and contact center offerings, but accessing the features you need can be confusing. In contrast, Dialpad has an intuitive, modern interface that makes it easy for users to find what they need. Whether it's sending a business text message to a customer or starting a conference call with a colleague, Dialpad ensures that everything you need is available in just a couple of clicks.


At the end of the day, a business phone system needs to carry out one critical function-- connecting people through reliable, clear phone calls. Of course it is important to consider the functionalities a VoIP provider has to offer. However, if a business phone system cannot ensure high quality calls on a consistent basis, it's not worth the investment. Dialpad's backend architecture is more modern, adaptable, and reliable. It's less complicated than that of Mitel's and experiences less connectivity issues. This means fewer disruptions to customers carrying out their business activities. Furthermore, even when there's a software update, there is no downtime with Dialpad's innovative and modern backend. Rest assured, companies can communicate and keep business running without interruptions using Dialpad.


No one likes going through the process of purchasing a phone system only to replace it a year or two later. When choosing a VoIP business phone system, it’s important to choose a provider that will stand the test of time. Armed with the latest VoIP technology, Dialpad still seeks constant improvement and innovation. Dialpad takes pride in being able to develop new functionalities faster than competitors. This means when the need for a new feature emerges in the VoIP market, Dialpad can deliver on it in record time. Dialpad makes it a priority to keep up with the latest technological improvements.

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