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AI in CSAT: Inferred satisfaction from conversations without extra work

Dan O'Connell

Chief Ai & Strategy Officer

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Here’s the thing about traditional customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys: Customers hardly ever respond to them, and when they do, they’re one of two extremes: being either super happy, or incredibly upset — so how do our customers really feel about us?

Till now, we had no choice but to settle and make decisions based on customer satisfaction information that just sits on the tip of the iceberg.

Well, that no longer needs to be true.

It’s time to know what ALL of our customers think about their experience — and in real time.

Meet: Ai CSAT.

We’re excited to announce that Dialpad’s Ai can now analyze 100% of your customers’ calls, inferring CSAT with high accuracy for customers that don’t leave responses to the survey.

This solves traditional CSAT surveys’ biggest issue — low response rates and polarized responses. (Finally, we can start to see what’s under the tip of the iceberg!)

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Keep reading to learn how Dialpad’s new Ai CSAT leverages data to predict customer satisfaction for your contact center.

What is Ai CSAT?

Dialpad’s Ai CSAT can automatically infer CSAT scores from every customer interaction through artificial intelligence. It’s the capability that powers Dialpad’s Customer Intelligence, enabling organizations of all sizes to:

  • Listen to customers: Collect critical information about customer satisfaction, experiences, and expectations.

  • Develop a rich picture: Combine all voice interaction data (including customer satisfaction) for the context you need to improve your customer experience.

  • Act on insights: Empower teams, supervisors, managers, and agents to take action with real-time customer intelligence and drive change in the business.

Empowered with real-time Ai CSAT data gathered from 100% of calls, contact centers can better measure customer satisfaction and agents can be more in tune with their customers' sentiments.

How does it work? Our Ai model is trained on anonymized call transcripts generated by our proprietary speech transcription technology (which has the highest accuracy compared to other speech transcription services) to infer customer satisfaction.

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And it’s constantly getting better! The model learns from your businesses’ conversations, tailoring results to your unique industry or vertical.

Similar to how our brains adapt and learn, Ai CSAT constantly updates its 100+ million parameters in response to new conversations.

Ai CSAT provides complete visibility into the voices of your customers by being able to analyze 100% of your calls — no more hoping and waiting on surveys with low response rates.

The problem with traditional CSAT…

Think about the last few times you called a customer service line for help. At the end of the conversation, were you asked to respond to a survey rating how satisfied you were with the interaction?

How many of them did you respond to?

Let’s be honest, most of us just want to leave and get on with our day. We only respond to those if we’re really upset, or if the customer service rep went above and beyond.

According to our analysis at Dialpad, the response rate of customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys at the end of a call is just 3%.

Traditional CSAT surveys are often biased since respondents usually provide either extremely positive or negative responses. This means you're missing out on a chunk of insights from customers who were “just” content or satisfied.

This lack of CSAT responses also means there can be large upswings and downswings in daily CSAT for any time period. This makes it difficult for businesses to monitor changes in CSAT scores at any given time and can cause insights to be unreliable.

In other words, traditional CSAT surveys paint a skewed picture of what your customer satisfaction really looks like — Ai CSAT is here to change that.

Ai CSAT gives contact centers a holistic view of customer satisfaction

Now, here’s another question for you: Is it fair for a contact center manager to use CSAT responses as a measure of how well a contact center is performing, knowing that only 3% of calls have a CSAT response?

The short answer is NO!

With Ai CSAT, we can shift that 3% to potentially 100%.

This gives contact center managers a much (much!) more accurate and holistic view of CSAT, balancing out polarized high or low dominating opinions that come from traditional surveys.

Ai CSAT also empowers contact center managers with follow-up and coaching opportunities they wouldn’t have with traditional CSAT. With Ai CSAT, they can proactively follow up with customers that have low customer satisfaction but don’t fill out a survey. They can also identify the agents that need coaching thanks to the call data.

For agents, Ai CSAT automatically collects customer satisfaction data from every call — so all they need to do is talk. Even if some agents weren’t as persuasive when it came to encouraging customers to leave feedback via traditional CSAT, they’ll no longer be at a disadvantage with Ai CSAT.

With ongoing improvements and machine learning, Dialpad’s Ai CSAT model will only get more accurate over time, continuing to help contact center managers understand their customers’ satisfaction on a much more holistic level.

Become a true customer company with Ai CSAT

Ai CSAT helps us better understand customer satisfaction and in turn, our customers.

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See Ai CSAT in action!

See Ai CSAT in action!