Three-Way Calling

With Dialpad Three-Way Calling for Enterprise, a third party can be added to any two-way conversation, no matter which device the call happens on. Adding the third party can be done with just a few clicks or taps. This feature is useful when one person needs to connect with two different people in separate locations to collaborate and make decisions faster without starting a new email thread.

Three-Way Calling

Easily add a third party to any two-way business call with Dialpad three-way calling functionality.

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  • How to use Three-Way calling in Dialpad

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How many people can be added to a live call?

Only one additional person can be added to an existing two-way call. To add more, we recommend launching an UberConference conference call from within Dialpad.

Does Three-Way Calling cost more?

No. It’s a standard enterprise feature that’s free and unlimited to use in Canada and the United States.

Does Three-Way Calling work across all devices?

Yes, you can join or create three-way calls from all of your Dialpad-connected devices.

What is the difference between a three-way call and a conference call?

In Dialpad, a three-way call uses phone numbers and are limited to three participants. Conference calling is web-based, doesn’t require a phone number, and allows more than three participants at a time. So while they’re very similar and the end result is often the same, the technology used to conduct them is what makes them different.

Can one party leave a three-way call without disrupting the connection between the other two parties?

It depends. If the party that created the three-way call disconnects, so will the other two. However, if either of the other parties leave, the call will continue as a standard two-way call.

My question about Enterprise Three-Way Calling wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

Visit this in-depth Help Center page about three-way calling, or register for our weekly live Q&A webinar and ask your question there.

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