Simultaneous Ringing

The busy enterprise worker isn’t always at their desk—but that shouldn’t be a reason for missing important business calls. That’s why Dialpad offers Simultaneous Ringing. It sends incoming calls to a user’s Dialpad connected devices. So whether they’re in transit between meetings or coming back from lunch, they can easily answer incoming calls from any device, at any time.

Simultaneous Ringing

Enjoy seamless connection between all devices so you never have to worry about missing a call on Dialpad.

  • A phone away from phone

  • Total communication convenience

  • How Simultaneous Ringing works


Will incoming callers be able to tell which type of device a call is being answered on?

No. The caller will experience a normal-sounding phone call regardless of which device the call is accepted on.

Will Simultaneous Ringing work with devices that have a different Dialpad phone number?

It depends. Because several phone numbers can be assigned to a user (for example, several users may also man a main line or department level number), these calls will ring that user’s connected devices, even though it’s not going to their own personal Dialpad number. However, this functionality is controlled by administration.

Does Simultaneous Ringing cost more?

No, this is a standard Dialpad feature that is built into every Enterprise plan free of any additional costs.

Once a call has been answered on one device, can it be moved to another device?

Yes, this feature is called Call Switching and allows live calls to moved to different devices without interruption.

Can that has been answered on one device be listened to on a another device?

No. Once a call has been answered, it can only be moved to another device; it can’t be intercepted on two devices at the same time.

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