Chrome Extension

The Dialpad Chrome extension, sometimes referred to as our click-to-call feature, users can quickly and conveniently place new calls by clicking a phone number on a web page in a Chrome web browser. The extension will auto-populate the desktop app with the phone number so users can quickly and conveniently place phone calls. No toggling tabs, windows, apps, or—most importantly—picking up the phone and dialing manually.

Chrome Extension

The Dialpad Chrome extension puts basic Dialpad calling functionality and controls right in your web browser so you can make calls with just a click. No toggling back and forth between applications.

  • Save time making calls

  • The Convenience of Chrome and the Power of Dialpad


How does the Dialpad Chrome extension work?

When installed, the Dialpad Chrome extension lets users click on phone numbers on web page opened in Chrome and have those phone numbers auto-populate in the Dialpad desktop app.

Can I block the extension on certain websites?

Yes! Just right-click on the site and select set the extension to ignore phone numbers for that web site?

What if a phone number is accidentally clicked?

Any time a number is clicked, the user will be prompted to complete the call. This is to prevent any unintended dialing.

Does the Chrome extension work across all devices?

The extension is only available for the Chrome desktop browser.

Is it mandatory to download and use the extension?

No. However, it can be extremely convenient.

Can the extension be removed once it’s been downloaded?

Absolutely. Simply right click it and select “Remove from Chrome”.

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