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Clear communication is an important part of real estate. From making a property sale to efficiently answering potential buyers’ questions, real estate agents need to communicate effectively to be successful. Real estate is also a very competitive business. How fast real estate companies follow up with potential buyers plays a big factor in winning business. This is why a reliable, easy-to-use phone system is essential for real estate companies.

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Why does a real estate company need a phone system?

With so much competition in the market, real estate agents have to make a lasting impression. Having an intuitive, mobile-friendly phone system gives real estate companies a competitive advantage for potential buyers. At the same time, an easy-to-use phone system enables agents to deliver exceptional customer service. The faster a real estate agent can follow up with a buyer, the greater the chance of winning that business over a competitor. This is why a phone system that works efficiently is essential to the success of a real estate company.

Top Features that Matter to Real Estate Companies

Customized Call Routing

A real estate company needs to have a phone system with easy to navigate directories and call routing to appropriate departments. Dialpad offers multiple, customized call routing options to allow property buyers to always be connected to the right agents, employees, or departments.

Simultaneous Ring and Device Switching

Dialpad Talk lets real estate agents ring all their devices at once so they never miss a call. Additionally, if they happen to take the call in the office but want to move the call to their mobile phone, Dialpad makes it quick and easy to switch the call to their cell phone without interruption.

A Dedicated Business Number

It’s essential that real estate companies establish a professional presence. Dialpad offers agents a dedicated business line that lives on their desktop but also on their personal device. When a property buyer dials an agent’s work line, the agent will see a notification on their personal device, highlighting that the call is a business call. This allows real estate agents to separate personal and work calls all from the same device.

Rapid Deployment

Dialpad Talk’s phone system can be set up in a matter of minutes. Dialpad is cloud based so deployment doesn’t require any hardware. This also means there’s no maintenance costs to keep things running smoothly. Creating new users and removing users is quick and simple with Dialpad’s multiple provisioning partners. Dialpad makes it easy to deploy a new phone system, or switch from another provider, quickly and without interrupting manufacturing operations.

"Our employees love Dialpad's ability to move from device to device."

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