Executive Assistant

Use the Executive Assistant feature in Dialpad to help field your incoming calls.

Executive Assistant

With Executive Assistant, you can assign another team member to handle all of your incoming calls. This can help you manage your call volume and screen your calls.

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  • How does the Executive Assistant feature work?

  • How do I use the Executive Assistant feature?


Will this feature work on my tablet too?

The Executive Assistant works across all connected devices.

Does this feature cost extra?

No, this is a standard business feature that’s available across all Dialpad plans.

How many Executive Assistant pairings can exist in my Dialpad account?

You can have up to 25 Executive Assistant pairings per plan.

Can Executives have several Assistants linked to field calls?

Yes, you can have several Assistants per Executive.

Can one Assistant field the calls of several Executives?

Yes, one Assistant can field calls on behalf of multiple Executives. Keep in mind that there is a maximum of 25 pairings per office, and each of these will count towards that limitation.

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