Remote employees. Sellers on the road. Workers on the go. In today’s working world, your employees need the flexibility of being able to stay in touch from anywhere--the conference room down the hall, the coffee shop up the street, or the hotel room across the country. With Dialpad, your mobile enterprise can stay connected from anywhere with any device. With Dialpad, you get the industry’s leading cloud-based phone system designed for the mobile enterprise.


The world has become a mobile one. Our cloud-based phone system provides your enterprise with the freedom to stay connected from anywhere on any device.

  • Give everyone in your organization a voice with the cloud

  • Stay productive, no matter where life takes you

  • Seamlessly integrate communications and productivity


My employees use a mix of Mac, Windows, and Android devices. Does Dialpad work across these platforms?

Yes, Dialpad offers apps for Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS, and Android.

How many mobile devices can each user have connected to their individual accounts?

Users can have up to five devices connected at a time.

If a user is on a call on one device, can they use other Dialpad functions on another device?

Yes, you can still use other Dialpad functions—like sending messages—while a call is in progress. However, you cannot have two live calls at the same time.

Can I log in with more than one Google or Office 365 account?

Every Dialpad user account is tied to a specific email address. So while it is possible to log in with different G Suite or Office 365 accounts, a Dialpad seat must be purchased for that email address.

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