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How Think Board got advanced AI and communications features at a startup-friendly price

Two colleagues discussing in front of a white board

Think Board lets customers turn any surface into a whiteboard by using peel & stick whiteboard films. These can be installed in minutes on anything from a small desk to an entire wall, and the company just recently released their highly-requested reusable whiteboard sticky notes.

As the company began to grow, they needed to improve their contact center and communications, but they couldn’t do that just by sharing a Google Voice account anymore. For one, they didn’t have an IVR (interactive voice response) menu, so they couldn’t sort or direct their calls. And their old phone system didn’t have a call recording feature, so they couldn’t save calls for quality assurance or training.

Hanson Grant, Founder of Think Board, knew they needed something new.

All the features they wanted at a startup price

Think Board needed high-quality VoIP calling, as well as some key features like call recording, IVR menus, and texting capabilities. Hanson knew that Dialpad could provide them with all of that, but he wasn’t sure if he could afford it (at first).

“I really loved using Dialpad at another company that I worked with,” Hanson said. “I helped implement it there and wanted to bring it into my organization so badly, but the cost was prohibitive. Once I heard about Dialpad for Startups, I was so happy to think that we might be able to use Dialpad for a reduced cost.”

As part of the Dialpad for Good program, Dialpad for Startups is designed to help new and growing businesses get enterprise-grade communications at an affordable price. So all the artificial intelligence and communication features Hanson wanted were suddenly available to Think Board, and he was ready to get going.

All that remained was the setup, which took all of… a few hours? Yes, it was that fast. And the process itself was, to quote Hanson: “Smooth and easy. It’s a very intuitive process and software.”

More insights with call recording and transcripts

Now that Think Board is on Dialpad, handling and managing calls is a whole lot easier. They can set up an IVR menu that quickly directs callers to the right person for the job:

Screenshot of setting up an IVR in Dialpad

During the call, Dialpad Ai automatically transcribes the conversation in real-time, so it’s easy to go back and double-check anything someone said:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a call in real time

Dialpad’s real-time transcriptions are nice when we’re on the phone with someone and miss a small comment they make. Whether it’s the size of the board they want or the quantity, it’s really nice to see that number popped up on the screen.

Hanson Grant
Founder, Think Board

They can also record the calls and jump to specific moments in the recording by clicking on a moment in the transcript. This makes it incredibly easy to search through calls and find exact moments, questions, or requests:

Screenshot of Dialpad's AI-powered post-call summary with transcript, recording, and action items

The team at Think Board uses these call recordings specifically for quality assurance and training. They can go back and read or listen to calls to see what went right or wrong, or identify areas where agents could use some extra training. And if they come across an example of a great call with a customer, they can add it to a coaching call playlist with other examples for training new agents, so they can learn from their teammates’ successes:

Screenshot of creating a coaching call playlist in Dialpad

Call logs made quickly with a HubSpot integration

One major factor that made Dialpad the top choice for Think Board was its integrations. Dialpad has native integrations for a ton of applications and software, including HubSpot, ThinkBoard’s CRM of choice.

“I like that Dialpad integrates with our software stack,” Hanson said. “The integration with HubSpot really helps our team communicate well and stay organized.”

With the HubSpot integration, the team at Think Board can launch calls with a click right from within HubSpot and log calls easily to customer profiles:

Screenshot of Dialpad's HubSpot integration automatically populating a call's details

Dialpad has helped us dive deeper into HubSpot as a CRM because of its intuitive integration. Having Dialpad’s call logging and recordings in HubSpot has helped us be more diligent about recording emails, notes, and events in each HubSpot customer account too!

Hanson Grant
Founder, Think Board

The integration includes call recordings and transcripts too, of course. Those are logged with the call, so it’s easy to access any specific call and see or hear exactly how the conversation went. Their call logs are more accurate than ever, and it doesn’t take any extra work.“It’s nice that anyone on our team can access the call recordings in HubSpot when trying to close a new account, or simply just to help them solve a problem,” Hanson said.

“It’s amazing to go in and hear how a previous conversation went down.” Think Board needed a platform that could improve their communications with voice menus, real-time transcriptions, and integrations with their CRM, all at a price made for a startup. Dialpad had everything they needed, and with Dialpad for Startups, it was cost-effective without any trade-offs in functionality.

“Dialpad is incredibly scalable, easy to onboard new people onto, and has more features than any competitor that I know of!” Hanson said.

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