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How NTG increased revenue with Dialpad Ai Sales

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With over 14,000 shippers, 80,000 carriers, and two decades of multi-modal expertise in the logistics industry, Nolan Transportation Group (NTG) & Transportation Insight (TI) are industry-leading logistics providers. Focusing on freight brokerage and managed transportation services, they've built a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

But navigating the complex landscape of transportation logistics requires more than just expertise—it demands effective communication, seamless coordination, and technology that works for the company and its customers. Unfortunately, the company was facing many challenges that were hindering its success—its communications systems lacked visibility, which meant the company had no oversight into what and how they were doing.  Additionally, NTG wanted to simplify their sales cycle, and were seeking ways to make their sales processes more efficient and effective. 

We spoke to Mallory VonRohn, the Vice President of Technology Operations, who helms their technology initiatives to streamline operations and elevate customer service standards, about how they had overcome these challenges.

“We were a disparate company with many different voice tools”

Before Dialpad, Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight faced a common yet significant challenge: a fragmented communication infrastructure. Thanks to the company’s rapid growth through a series of mergers and acquisitions in recent years, Mallory shares: “We were a disparate company with many different voice tools.”

Navigating this maze of voice tools proved cumbersome for employees and customers alike. With seven different voice products, things were chaotic. Mallory says, "We couldn't transfer calls between departments, report on total call volumes, or have a singular IVR number." This lack of cohesion not only hindered internal collaboration but also impacted customer experience, leading to frustration and inefficiency.

Recognizing the need for a change, Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight embarked on a journey to streamline their communication systems. In the spring of 2023, they committed to centralizing their tools with the aim of improving visibility, controlling expenses, and implementing advanced sales and contact center features. This marked the beginning of their quest for a solution that could address their multifaceted challenges.

Mallory stumbled upon Dialpad through a Google search and immediately recognized its potential to address their pain points. Describing the decision-making process, Mallory shares, "I researched competitors across different products, and fell in love with Dialpad." The decision to choose Dialpad was not only driven by its robust features but also by the seamless integration it offered.

Transitioning to Dialpad was a pivotal moment for Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight. Despite the complexity of their previous setup, the migration to Dialpad was remarkably smooth. Mallory notes, "We were able to fully migrate 2000 users to it four months after purchase."

Ai Sales helps reps focus on selling

Screenshot of Dialpad integration with Salesforce

With Dialpad’s Salesforce integration, Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight's sales teams experienced a significant transformation in their daily workflows. The seamless integration between Dialpad and Salesforce means that sales representatives don’t need to switch between multiple windows and applications, which saves time and helps them focus on doing their best work. Mallory emphasizes the impact of this integration, stating, "Our sales groups use Dialpad via a Salesforce integration today, helping prevent them from swivel chairing between applications so they can focus on selling."

The integration also helps sales managers provide real-time coaching and support their teams better. Thanks to live call monitoring, sales managers can enhance sales reps’ performance. Mallory shares: "With Dialpad Ai Sales, managers can listen in to live calls as well as listen to call recordings, stay close, and provide real-time feedback to new reps." Mallory further illustrates this point by sharing, "Sales playlists are then created and shared amongst the trainees to better hone in on call quality." This collaborative approach fosters continuous improvement and skill development within the sales organization.

Moreover, the live call dashboards provided by Dialpad enable leadership to easily monitor team activities, even in remote environments. Mallory highlights the value of this feature, emphasizing its role in maintaining visibility and accountability. "With live call dashboards, leadership can easily see what their team is up to, even in a remote environment, and step in where needed," she adds.

By seamlessly integrating Dialpad with Salesforce, Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight has empowered its sales teams to work more efficiently, collaborate effectively, and drive better sales outcomes.

More efficient IT maintenance and outage remediation

Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight's sales teams aren’t the only ones benefiting from Dialpad Ai. Their IT team relies on Dialpad to streamline their maintenance and outage remediation processes, making them more efficient and effective.

Mallory shares how Dialpad's AI capabilities have revolutionized their IT operations: "Our IT department uses Dialpad meetings to host maintenance windows & outage remediation type calls." The ability to host meetings seamlessly within Dialpad not only simplifies communication but also enhances collaboration among team members during critical maintenance activities.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

One of the key features leveraged by the IT team is call transcription. This functionality automatically transcribes calls in real-time, providing a written record of discussions and decisions made during maintenance windows or outage remediation calls. Mallory underscores the value of call transcription, highlighting its role in facilitating effective communication and documentation. "Being able to reference back to actions taken and timestamps has proven useful time and time again," she shares.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai Recaps feature generating a call summary and action items after a call

In addition to call transcription, the Ai recap feature further enhances the IT team's productivity and effectiveness. Mallory emphasizes the significance of Ai recap in capturing essential insights from meetings and calls: "Our reliance on the call transcription and Ai recap in Dialpad meetings is instrumental," she states. By providing a concise summary of key discussion points and action items, AI recap ensures that the IT team remains focused and aligned on their objectives.

Looking ahead: Call disposition, real-time assist cards, and custom APIs

As Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight reflects on their journey with Dialpad, it's evident that the partnership has yielded significant successes. Mallory summarizes this sentiment: "Using Dialpad's Ai Sales has improved the way we engage with our customers. These AI-powered features streamline our sales process, allowing us to focus more on building relationships and closing deals. It's a game-changer for our sales teams!"

Looking ahead, Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight plans to leverage additional Dialpad features for even greater success. Mallory expresses the team's enthusiasm for future advancements, noting, "We are still new in our Dialpad journey and look forward to continued utilization and adoption of some of the advanced features." Specifically, they have their sights set on integrating features like call disposition, real-time assist cards, and custom APIs into their operations.

We can’t wait to see Nolan Transportation Group & Transportation Insight achieve further success as a logistics leader with more Dialpad features!

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