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How Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates handles 10k calls a month

Medical surgeon

When a patient successfully receives a transplant, doctors and surgeons are usually (rightfully!) hailed as the heroes. But even they often need organ donors to save the day.

Serving the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA) is an organization that plays a key role in recovering organs so that they can be processed and delivered to transplant centers. For example, a big earthquake occurred overseas recently and had many burn patients that needed skin transplants, and KODA’s processor was one of the first to send over skin tissue for the burn patients.

Bill is the Operations Manager for KODA, whose donor center handles an influx of about 10,000 calls a month(!) from about 120 partner agencies to organize tissue and organ donation. Most of these conversations happen over the phone, and call recordings are a critical part of their process. KODA’s technology advisor, Unified Technologies, recommended Dialpad’s solution to fulfill these requirements.

“It was one of several factors that brought us to Dialpad, along with the uptime,” says Bill. “We had a very serious downtime with our previous recording software and things weren’t being recorded properly. And our previous provider gave us zero insights into our calls. We haven’t lost a recording since we’ve been with Dialpad.”

Analytics that removed the guesstimating from contact center management

With tens of thousands of calls a month, call analytics are crucial for Bill because he needs to look at staffing and when to schedule folks to cover high-volume call times.

“Dialpad’s analytics have been huge,” says Bill. “We’re pulling a lot of data to analyze when I need to staff, what’s our volume of phone calls in a certain time frame, and so on. That wasn’t readily available with our previous provider.”

More importantly, Dialpad’s analytics dashboards are well designed and intuitive. “With Dialpad, we can get usable data—you can throw data at me all day long, but not if I’m not able to use it”:

Screenshot of Dialpad's built-in contact center analytics dashboard

And if they ever run into issues with callers or need to resolve any problems, Bill and his team can do that easily too.

“I don’t even need to call your team, I can look at the call journey in Dialpad,” says Bill. “If someone calls and complains about this or that didn’t happen, then I can just look at the call journey and see if, say, they just didn’t punch in the right number in the menu. It’s really made things simpler”:

Screenshot of a call's journey from pickup to transfer in Dialpad's online dashboard

Having these insights has also given Bill the power to meaningfully improve his contact center’s operations. “Say I know that 90% of our calls are being answered,” says Bill. “What can I do to affect those other 10% of calls that are going to voicemail? Before, we had no way of showing that. Now with Dialpad, we do.”

Equally importantly, it’s also reduced guesswork and made it possible for Bill to back up all his decisions with cold hard data.

“Before, metrics were really guesstimates of what we thought we were seeing. Now, I can pull data and tell you that 90% of our calls are answered without ever going to voicemail, and I can even show you our average speed to answer.”

“We’ve never had anything like this before”

Beyond improving operations and making it easier to glean insights from the donor center, Bill is also using AI to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Specifically Dialpad’s Ai CSAT feature, which can infer customer satisfaction from 100% of customer conversations—without anyone needing to fill out any surveys:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai inferring CSAT scores automatically from customer conversations

“We’ve never had anything like this before,” says Bill. “With Dialpad, I can see if our CSAT drops below a 3—say we’re seeing an average of 3.9 or 4 normally—what was going on that day that caused it to drop? Were we shortstaffed or were there other problems? What caused that fluctuation? I never knew how to check on that and now I can.”

This in turn also supports Bill when he needs to make a case for additional staffing, as they average around 10,000 calls a month. Now, he has the numbers to prove when there are busy call times.

“How can I show that we need more staff? By showing how many calls are coming in and the duration of those calls,” says Bill.

“There’s lots of data in Dialpad to show the time frames I need more people, what the night shift or day shift is doing, and so on”:

Screenshot of Dialpad's built in heat map analytics feature showing average speed to answer

Easier live coaching, powered by Dialpad Ai

Besides reducing the team’s dependence on CSAT surveys, Dialpad Ai also helps the team provide real-time coaching with its live transcription and sentiment analysis.

During calls, Dialpad Ai transcribes the conversation live as it’s happening—and also flags positive and negative sentiment based on how the call is going:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai analyzing the sentiment of multiple calls in real time

“If we see that someone’s struggling, or 1s and 2s in the sentiment analysis, then we can take a closer look at what’s going on,” says Bill.

And after the call is over, Dialpad Ai also automatically emails the call summary with the transcript and recording so that KODA’s team can look for improvements and verify issues more quickly and more easily:

Screenshot of Dialpad's AI-powered post-call summary with transcript and recording

“If we’re looking for a complaint or issue, we just look at the transcript to know where to start playing the recording instead of having to listen to the whole phone call,” says Bill.

“Now we can say, ‘Oh I need to jump in at 1:05 of the call and just listen to that portion of the call.’ It saves a lot of time.”

On top of it all, it was important that Dialpad was easy to use and learn, even for folks who are new to KODA’s team.

“It’s a really easy phone system to learn,” says Bill, “Our new employees are on the phones within the first 30 days of onboarding and answering phone calls live.”

We love seeing our customers use Dialpad for such important, life-changing work. If you work at a nonprofit or provide community support, and are interested in Dialpad, check out the Dialpad for Good program!

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