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How FinditParts improves agent performance with Dialpad Ai

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You may not have heard of FinditParts, but they’re the largest online supplier of trailer parts and heavy-duty truck and aftermarket parts in the United States, serving fleet buyers, logistics owners/operators, and service facility mechanics.

The key to FinditParts’ success? Their happy customers—and to keep their customers happy, having a reliable and advanced communications platform is critical.

We spoke to Joel Kassay, Director of Customer Success and Chuck Ciarlo, Senior Vice President of Customer Success about how they chose a solution that fit their e-commerce model—and how it helped them 4X their CSAT scores.

“Functionality, price point, and integrations”

Thanks to Chuck’s long-standing background in the contact center industry and his long working relationship with FinditParts’ CEO, David Seewack, Chuck was able to help the company zero in on the perfect solution—before he even joined the team. “I told David about Dialpad and suggested that he move from his prior CCaaS vendor—he took my advice,” says Chuck.

When Chuck finally did join the team and evaluated their existing technology stack, he ended up replacing a lot of software—and Dialpad was the only one he held on to. “Dialpad was the one solution that stayed, because the functionality, price point, and integrations just stood out,” says Chuck.

Helping agents talk through any topic with Dialpad Ai

When agents are on calls, Dialpad Ai helps them handle objections or tackle tricky questions with Real-time Assist (RTA) cards. To do this, FinditParts’ managers can create RTA cards with tailored notes about specific topics and set them to trigger automatically on agents’ screens when those topics come up in calls—all in real time:

Screenshot of Dialpads AI powered real time assist card feature popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call

“We’ve been pretty pleased with how Real-time Assist cards have been helping our agents during calls,” says Chuck.

In addition to RTA cards, FinditParts’ customer service agents also use live transcriptions to create a scannable record of all their calls. Because they don’t have to take notes anymore, this neat AI feature also helps agents focus and serve customers better during calls. “We easily save two hours per agent, per week with live transcriptions,” says Chuck.

Saving managers 5 hours a week with AI-powered QA

Before, FinditParts didn’t have a good way to grade agent performance because there was no reliable way to measure how agents were performing as a team. With Ai Scorecards, which automatically analyze calls to suggest whether agents have fulfilled their quality assurance (QA) tasks, managers can easily evaluate all their customer conversations (instead of cherry-picking calls to check for each agent) to ensure conversations are up to the team’s standards:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai Scorecard showing which part of the call an agent met the criteria

With Dialpad’s AI-powered QA Scorecards, the team can now measure the quality of agents’ calls more consistently and objectively, gain a better understanding of the customer experience, and train agents more effectively.

“QA and Ai Scorecards help our team evaluate more calls to improve call quality, which has been a big time saver for us. It saves our managers at least five hours a week,” says Chuck.

4x more CSAT scores with AI

But the biggest difference by far is reflected in the team’s CSAT scores.

In the past, FinditParts’ customer service team’s average CSAT score was about 20%—largely because they were entering them manually.

With Dialpad’s Ai CSAT feature, which can analyze all their customer conversations to infer CSAT scores, the team can now get a much more holistic view of customer satisfaction:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai Scorecard showing which part of the call an agent met the criteria

“Ai CSAT helps us score all our calls, and has increased our scoring footprint fourfold,” Joel says. “These CSAT scores are also helping us win back customers, which is huge for our team.”

What’s next: Salesforce CTI and Custom Moments

As heavy Salesforce users, the team’s next goal is to use the Salesforce CTI and the power dialer to give the sales team a smoother and more efficient workflow for outbound calls. They’re also planning to use Dialpad Ai to do live sentiment analysis on calls and track keywords and topics with Custom Moments.

We can’t wait to see FindItParts take full advantage of the available Dialpad’s contact center AI features to serve their customers even better!

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