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A global enterprise SaaS provider, Code42 helps more than 39,000 organizations protect their most important assets—their user data. Yet communications at Code42 formerly depended on traditional, on-premises infrastructure, inhibiting growth and requiring IT staff to resolve outages around the clock.

Built upon a landline infrastructure, Code42’s original enterprise phone system required ongoing maintenance from IT staff working 24/7. Teams had to manage desk phones, monitor for downtime, and stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities. “We no longer wanted to spend extensive time, energy, and resources on telephony,” explained Jerod Lindblom, Vice President of Information Technology. “Our goal was to move company-wide communications to the cloud.”

With Dialpad, my workflow is the same at home, in the office, or on the go.

Jerod Lindblom
VP of IT

A connected company culture

“We want everyone to be able to work from anywhere,” said Lindblom. Dialpad fit the model, giving Code42 employees the flexibility to keep in touch with customers and colleagues whether traveling or sitting at HQ. As Code42 continues to adopt pure-cloud solutions, it has also reaped the benefits of integrating these different solutions into its Anywhere Worker IT Stack.

“Our demand generation team now tracks all activities, call logs, and notes right through Dialpad’s integration with Salesforce,” explained Lindblom:

In addition, the Dialpad native Google Workspace integration enables Code42’s anywhere workers to drill into shared events, docs, slides, sheets, and more while on the go.

Switching from desk phones to cloud communications has enabled Code42’s sales and service teams to build stronger customer relationships. For the fast-moving startup, the ability to access voice calls, video conferencing, and messaging from anywhere has also created a new culture of collaboration. By putting business numbers on any device, Code42’s IT team has empowered users across five global offices to work from anywhere.

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