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Almost a year ago, we started that long—and sometimes perilous—journey of creating a new logo and new look. If you’re a CMO, you begin the process thinking that it’s your glory moment and then, somewhere along the way, wonder if you’re on a high-speed train headed for your own demise. In truth, for me, it’s one of the most intellectually interesting parts of the job—and in all seriousness—indubitably important to the company.

So, why’d we do it at Dialpad? We knew that our growth was strong. We knew that we were rapidly expanding market share. We knew that some of the world's most modern companies use Dialpad. However, our brand was starting to feel—not so modern. So we set out to create a look that reflected our continued commitment to giving customers the best possible business phone system on the market, while simultaneously emphasizing the continued relevance of conversation in an increasingly fractured and digitally disrupted world.

At Dialpad, we continue to believe that conversation is our most important form of human interaction and that communication is an art, one that requires our utmost concentration and a clear point of focus.

We wanted to develop a logo that reflected such a shift—away from a one-dimensional audio wave—to a new image that underscored more than just dial-tone; that the critical component is not just voice, but conversation. A smarter call doesn’t just come from a device. It comes from having context at your fingertips, whether that’s Salesforce notes, or whether that’s artificial intelligence features like voice transcription, natural language processing, and real-time assists for agents.

Our new look was created to merge the best of Dialpad’s technology with the essence of what makes us human: the power of shared conversation. So, thank you for continuing on this journey with us and be on the lookout for a continued rollout across our products.