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Get ready for “12 Months of Ai”

Craig Walker

Founder and CEO

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I am thrilled to announce Dialpad’s “12 Months of Ai”, with new AI-powered features that are designed to revolutionize your customer communications being released every month in Dialpad’s customer intelligence platform.

Our team has been hard at work building a unique and robust AI solution that will improve your customer engagement, give you more real-time conversational insights, and boost productivity.

Our first launch, which goes live today, is Dialpad’s new Ai Recap feature. Ai Recap creates a summary for every conversation (along with listing any action items from the conversation) that appears in your Dialpad inbox after every call. This will make it easy to refresh your memory and will make it easy to keep track of your follow-up tasks after every call or meeting:

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How we're continuing to invest in Dialpad Ai to build the best customer intelligence solution on the market

When Dialpad acquired TalkIQ in 2018, we knew that AI was going to be a massive disruptor in the business communications market. Since that time, we’ve further enhanced our AI capabilities and have a combination of AI researchers, linguists, academics (including 17 Ph.D.s!), and entrepreneurs driving our expertise in ASR, NLP, semantic search, and generative AI. (For example, here’s a research paper on the work behind our live sentiment analysis feature, and another one on how Dialpad Ai recognizes entities in calls.)

We recently announced that we’re committed to investing over $50M into Dialpad’s AI Labs, and Dialpad Ai has analyzed almost four billion minutes—or over 65 million hours or over 7,000 years—of proprietary voice and messaging data.

It’s an incredibly large data set that’s completely made up of business conversations (thanks to Dialpad’s TrueCaaS unified communications product), which means Dialpad Ai is trained specifically on business communications and contact center operations—essentially, our customers’ needs. Layered on top of LLMs (Large Language Models), this allows Dialpad Ai to provide uniquely focused outputs for our business customers across industries like healthcare, law, real estate, and more.

Dialpad’s early adoption in AI not only gives us a massive advantage over our competitors, but it also allows us to now leverage the fruits of those investments into new features that we will be launching every month for the next 12 months.

These upcoming launches in the 12 Months of AI are designed to streamline your everyday business operations, make your employees more productive, your customers happier, and to help you run a smarter business.

To our customers—and future customers—thank you for joining us on this journey. We’re incredibly excited to give you a glimpse into the future of business communications with Dialpad Ai.

Get a hands-on look at how Dialpad Ai works

Save your spot on the waitlist to be the first to try the new Ai Recap feature, or book a personal walkthrough of Dialpad Ai with our team!