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Need free online meetings?

Dialpad Meetings (formerly known as UberConference) is available as a free online meeting solution for businesses of all sizes. Get started for free in just a few minutes!

What is an online meeting?

Essentially, online meetings are just face-to-face meetings that you have using the Internet. These can be audio or video meetings, You might’ve also heard friends and colleagues call them virtual meetings or video meetings.

(These aren't the same as making phone calls over the Internet—these happen via VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, technology.)

Dialpad Meetings: What it comes with for free

Don't worry about pricing yet. The free plan will still give your business the key functionality it needs to communicate with customers, prospects, employees, and more. (For more robust features, you can upgrade to the paid version.)

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Screen sharing

With Dialpad Meetings’ free plan, participants can share screens and work on documents together in real-time. If you’re regularly giving presentations or reviewing visual projects with remote teammates, screen sharing is pretty much essential.

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Integrations with your favorite tools

This isn’t your average free conference call like Skype or Google Hangouts. Dialpad Meetings integrates with popular collaboration tools like Miro, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and more. No more switching back and forth between windows and tabs.

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Call recording

As a free online meeting solution, Dialpad Meetings also offers unlimited call recording, which means you’re not restricted to storage or time limits when recording calls. (Some other platforms do charge quite a bit for this, so check the fine print.)

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Real-time messaging or chat

You wouldn’t talk over the presenter in a meeting room, so why would you do that in an online meeting or webinar? But what happens if an urgent question comes up during a presentation? That’s where a messaging feature comes in handy. Dialpad has an in-meeting chat (and emoji reactions!) so that attendees can talk to each other and the presenters in a non-disruptive way.

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Desktop and mobile app

If you need to join meetings on the go, then your online meeting software should work on a mobile device. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, Mac, or PC, Dialpad Meetings comes with an elegant app that works across desktop and mobile devices.

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Browser-based functionality

Even though it comes with an app, Dialpad Meetings is also truly browser-based! That means not only can you join a video meeting from your web browser, you can also host a meeting from a browser—while having access to all the functionality you would in the app.

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HD video conferencing

If you need to have client- or prospect-facing calls, then you'll need a conferencing service provider that has HD video conferencing functionality built in. Like Dialpad!

How do I join a free online meeting?

Joining meetings on a desktop computer

Depending on your web conferencing software, you can join meetings on a computer without needing to download or install any desktop apps as long as you have a browser like Chrome or Safari. With Dialpad, all you need to do is ask the meeting host to send you an invite. This will arrive in the form of a link sent to you via email or SMS. Just click the link and boom—you’ll have joined the meeting.

Joining meetings on an Android device

Android users can also join Dialpad Meetings via their mobile device. All you have to do is download Dialpad’s Android mobile app:

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Quick tip:
Always try the apps first—some providers might say they have an Android app, but the functionality of the video conferencing solution may not match up to their iOS app or desktop app experience.

Joining meetings on an iOS device

Dialpad has an iPhone app too, if you want to be able to do secure video conferencing on your phone. iPhone users running iOS 7 and above can use Dialpad’s iOS app.

The benefit of using a free online meeting software that has apps across iOS and Android, especially for a small business, is that you won’t have to invest in company phones for every employee. Everyone can just use the mobile device they already have.

Try Dialpad's free online meetings now

Collaborate more efficiently with teammates, prospects, customers, and more. For additional functionality beyond the free plan, Dialpad's Business plan comes with features like dial-in/dial-out options, real-time meeting transcription, and automated post-call meeting notes.

Dialpad's online meeting pricing plans




Free unlimited video meetings
  • Meet for up to 45 minutes
  • Screen sharing
  • Unlimited call recordings
  • 10 participants max

See how they did it

"They were like, ‘Man, you just click a link and you’re in?’ It was such a smooth operation.”

Steve Williams
President, Juneteeth Observance Association

“Dialpad makes our remote workforce feel like they're sitting at HQ.”

Francil Richards
Senior IT Manager, TED

“Dialpad Meetings makes it easy for our global agency to feel close-knit.”

Mariam Maldani
Editor, HUGE Digital Agency

Frequently asked questions about free online meetings

How do online meetings compare to face-to-face meetings?

This depends on the type of software you’re using. Generally speaking, the average conferencing tool or video call software lets you host online meetings that get pretty close to the face-to-face experience. If you have a distributed or remote team, this is the next best thing. If your meeting tools have things like HD video functionality and a built-in messaging or chat system, even better.

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