Dialpad for Microsoft Office 365

Stay connected, productive, and mobile with Dialpad’s Microsoft Office 365 integration. Access contacts, events, recent shared emails, and so much more, right from your business phone system.

Dialpad for Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 integration puts important emails, documents, calendar events, and contacts right into your Dialpad app to help your teams stay connected and productive from anywhere.

  • Be productive from anywhere

  • How does the Microsoft Office 365 integration work?


What does the Microsoft Office 365 integration offer?

This integration makes it easier to be productive by providing users with instant access to the apps, files, and emails they need while communicating.

Does the Microsoft Office 365 integration cost more?

No there is no cost to for the integration. However, you must be a Microsoft Office 365 user/customer to use the integration inside Dialpad.

Does the integration work on all of my devices?

Yes, the Microsoft Office 365 integration is available across all devices.

Do you offer any other integrations with productivity suites?

Yes. We currently have a Google G Suite integration as well.

Can I customize which integrations I can see in my sidebar profile?

Yes. The Dialpad account administrator can control which integrations are available.

Is the Microsoft Office 365 integration secure?</a>

Absolutely. We take your business’s security as seriously as our own. While you're giving Dialpad access to your business’s accounts, it is only so that our software can make the API call for the sync and display.

My question wasn’t answered here. Where can I learn more about the Microsoft Office 365 integration?

We have a more in-depth FAQ that you can read here.

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