On-Premise Gateway (OPG) Solutions

When you're ready to make the shift to the cloud, your tech shouldn't hold you back but help move you forward. With Dialpad's On-Premise Gateway solutions, organizations have options when it comes to their cloud journey whether they're in the process of retiring their PBX or are faced with telephony limitations in their current landscape (ex: number porting availability).

Dialpad's On-Premise Solutions

Dialpad offers organizations two on-premise gateway options: PBX Gateway or PSTN Gateway.

    With a PBX Gateway, organizations can: 

    • Phase-out and/or decrease dependency on legacy PBX systems
    • Deploy a cloud communications provider globally 

    With a PSTN Gateway, organizations can: 

    • Unify their telephony platform for business communications
    • Benefit from real-time infrastructure delivered through existing systems
    • Procure local and toll-free numbers as well as port them into the system

    PBX Gateway: How It Works

    With a PBX Gateway, Dialpad will place a physical media server (PBX gateway) for each individual site on-prem. This server acts as a proxy to route internal calls through Dialpad rather than the PBX.

    Dialpad pbx guide diagram 01

    PSTN Gateway: How It Works

    Dialpad will place a physical media server (PSTN gateway) for each individual site on-prem. This server acts as a proxy for all calls to or from Dialpad users to the local PSTN.

    Inbound Calls

    1. PSTN gateway will proxy inbound calls to Dialpad users
    2. Sends calls to Dialpad cloud
    3. Dialpad cloud rings users on their software endpoint (mobile, laptop, desk phone)

    Outbound Calls

    1. User places a call through Dialpad
    2. Dialpad cloud sends call to PSTN gateway
    3. PSTN gateway connects call to local PSTN
    Dialpad pstn diagram 01


    Does Dialpad's on-premise gateway solutions require a specific plan or license type?

    An Enterprise plan type is required to leverage our gateway solutions. Contact our sales team to learn more about the features included within the Enterprise plan as well as your customer support options.

    Which countries is Dialpad’s PBX gateway solution available in?

    Dialpad’s PBX gateway is available in any country where Dialpad offers service.

    Where can I go to learn more information?

    Our sales team is available to help answer any questions you may have or help you determine if our gateway solutions are the right fit for your needs.