Auto Attendant and Call Routing

Auto Attendant and Call Routing help save time and create better customer experiences by allow administrators to determine how incoming calls are handled. Auto Attendant lets you establish what an incoming caller’s options will be so that the customer simply needs to press a number to arrive there. Call Routing ensures that every call is handled appropriately based on time of day, day of the week, and even location.

Auto Attendant and Call Routing

Create better customer experiences and save your agents time with Auto Attendant and Call Routing.

  • Auto-Attendant gets calls to the right place

  • Call Routing for better customer service


How many different call routing options are available?

In terms of number selections, callers can select digits 0 to 9 for a total of 10 options.

Can Auto-Attendant and Call Routing be set up on any device?

These features are only accessible to account admins on a desktop web browser

Can business hours be set by individual day?

Yes. Not every business operates nine to five, Monday to Friday. Dialpad allows you to adjust your operating hours by day and have your calls routed accordingly.

Can we create a personalized greeting?

Yes. Organizations can create their own standardized or branded greetings.

My question about Auto Attendant and Call Routing wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

Visit this in-depth help center article or sign up for our weekly live Q&A webinar and ask your question there.

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