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Atmosphere grew their TV streaming business 15x with AI

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If you’ve ever found your eyes wandering to the TV screens when you’re at a restaurant or bar, you’re already familiar with what Atmosphere does (even if you may not know their name). Today, Atmosphere is the world’s leading streaming TV service for businesses (think bars, restaurants, and medical offices), offering original, audio-optional TV channels for every business and mood.

Atmosphere lets businesses run their own marketing promotions within and outside their venues, increasing their potential revenue, and keeping their customers entertained and the content fresh with custom playlists.

Atmosphere’s team always had sales and voice solutions at their disposal, but none of these vendors could really support their rapidly-growing business—none of them had great analytics, call quality, or just robust features in general.

Jordan Wagner is the Vice President of Revenue Operations at Atmosphere, and he was tasked with choosing a new provider for the team. Atmosphere’s technology advisor, Growth Lobster Inc., recommended Dialpad’s solution to fulfill these requirements.

A clean and easy-to-use interface that reduced setup time from a day to an hour

After spending three months evaluating potential vendors using the same litmus test, Jordan decided to go with Dialpad Ai Sales Center and Ai Voice. “Dialpad checked all the boxes, and was able to support our rapid growth,” Jordan says.

Atmosphere swaps users regularly—on average, they add about 30 users per month—which meant they needed to streamline user onboarding and be able to add and remove users quickly and easily. A clunky interface means wasted time and tiresome admin work, so ease of use was really important

With Dialpad, they could do all this with just a few clicks:

Screenshot of adding and managing phone numbers from Dialpads online dashboard

Jordan says, “Having a simple product is really important to me. I liked the simplicity of Dialpad Ai Voice. Before, deleting and re-adding users could take over a day. We went from a one or two-day process to just two hours.”

How Dialpad Ai helped a rep close a deal—even when he couldn’t hear the prospect

Within the first month of deploying Dialpad, Atmosphere’s sales and customer service teams were all using the real-time transcriptions that are generated by Dialpad Ai. Live transcriptions help deliver insights to Atmosphere’s sales reps and managers and empower them to offer personalized and automated experiences at scale.

By letting sales reps easily reference specific details in a prospect’s conversation history, live transcriptions make follow-up calls a lot more personal. “If you bring up some relevant personal details, it makes the prospect really happy to sign up with us,” Jordan says.

Dialpad’s real-time transcriptions are also especially important when unexpected technical issues come up on sales calls. “One rep’s headset had actually cut out, but the live transcription feature kept going because the prospect was still talking,” says Jordan. “Although the rep couldn’t hear the prospect, the rep could still read the transcription. The rep ended up closing the deal without the prospect knowing about the audio issues.”

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

Dialpad Ai transcribing a sales call in real time

“All of our salespeople are the best listeners in the world because, in reality, they just have to refer to the live transcript.”

Atmosphere can also store real-time transcriptions for each call right inside Salesforce. This way, their sales reps can easily follow up with prospects using the click-to-call feature directly in Salesforce, thanks to Dialpad’s Salesforce integration:

Screenshot of Dialpads Salesforce integration popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call

“If I have a follow-up call, it would be very easy for one of our sales reps to click that task, read the transcript quickly, go back to the click-to-call function to call the lead and recap the previous call,” Jordan says.

Dialpad Ai doesn’t just transcribe the calls as they happen—it also can show positive and negative sentiment for every call in real time. That means Atmosphere’s sales managers can quickly spot if a rep needs help, pull up the running transcript to get more context, and jump in to coach the call if needed:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai analyzing the sentiment of multiple calls in real time

“If sales reps are freezing up or getting nervous on a call, our managers will get in their ear to help push the sales across the finish line,” Jordan says.

“Dialpad’s call whisper feature makes our sales reps better closers. It also helps our managers coach better.”

Custom Moments for a data-backed product roadmap

Other than transcribing calls and analyzing sentiment, Dialpad Ai also lets supervisors track how often certain keywords or topics come up using “Custom Moments.” If a sales leader wants to see how often pricing objections come up on sales calls, for instance, they can just create a Custom Moment to track every time “price,” “discount” and so on are spoken by a customer:

Screenshot of creating a Custom Moment in Dialpad which uses AI to track how often certain keywords are coming up on calls

But Atmosphere uses Dialpad’s Custom Moments in another interesting way: to help define its product roadmap. Previously, their Product Managers (PMs) could only connect with two or three customers in a day to figure out what features to build into their product. Essentially, they were relying on lagging indicators to determine what goes into their product roadmap. With over 50,000 customers, this wasn’t a reliable—or scalable—solution.

With Dialpad Ai, Atmosphere’s PMs can quickly go through thousands of customer calls and use the Custom Moments in those calls to quickly determine if something is worth looking into.

“We can aggregate call recordings using Custom Moments, quickly see if multiple customers asked for the same feature, and if so, how many.” The result? A truly customer-focused roadmap and end product.

Looking ahead: With 15x growth in 3 years, Ai CSAT is up next

Now that Atmosphere has grown its business rapidly thanks to Dialpad Ai Voice and Ai Sales Center, they’re looking to gain meaningful customer insights by deploying features like Ai CSAT. “The Dialpad team has been really great at supporting us as we scale and that’s hard for third-party tools to accomplish,” Jordan says.

“Dialpad has been with us for 1.5 years out of the last three years, where we grew our customers from 3,000 to 50,000,” Jordan says. “Last year, we had 2.2 million calls. I’m really interested to see CSAT ratios on those calls.”

We’re eager to power AI adoption and growth alongside Atmosphere and can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

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