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How Foley Services drives operational success with Dialpad Ai


For many businesses, the logistics of recruiting and maintaining employees in specialized fields can be a labyrinth. For Foley Services, a leading name in specialty background services for the transportation industry, this maze has many layers. Whether navigating the maze of hiring drivers or maintaining annual tests and checks, the stakes and the challenges are high.

Located in Hartford, Connecticut, with a proudly distributed team, Foley faced an operational snag. "We grappled with the intricacies of having too many call centers spread across multiple departments. On top of that, our visibility into performance analytics was, honestly, quite blurry," recalls Raymond Dunne, Vice President of Operations at Foley.

Finding a solution that could untangle their operational challenges without causing further disruption was pivotal for Foley. Enter Dialpad, which their IT vendor, Avant, introduced them to.

“We had the system up and running within a weekend”

The transformation was nothing short of cinematic. "We were cautious from the start and expected some problems in the transition, but the results? Over a single weekend, we had the system up and running. We redid our call tree within Dialpad, a task we initially thought might have hiccups. The admin portal was intuitive; it felt like it was speaking our language," Raymond shares.

But it wasn't just about ease of implementation. The prowess of Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards made its presence felt on the very first day. Raymond recounts an incident where a customer intended to cancel a service. "But with the RTA cards popping up in real-time, our agent not only retained the customer but also upsold additional services. This would've been a missed opportunity without Dialpad."

Screenshot of Dialpads interface showing a real time assist card popping up with information on cancellation during a live call

Empowering agents and delighting customers

The perks of Dialpad's tools were manifold, impacting both the agents and the customers they served. For the agents, RTA cards proved revolutionary. No more sifting through loads of information or unnecessary pauses during interactions. Information was instant, saving supervisors 1 hour each week.

Equally transformative was the ability to instantly access live transcriptions. "We could dip in, pick out key information based on keywords and excerpts, and dip out," Raymond explains.

Screenshot of Dialpads interface showing real time transcription running during a live conversation

The value addition of Dialpad’s customer intelligence platform with real-time analytics provided clarity into their performance that was previously missing.

Raymond also highlighted their experiments with Dialpad’s Salesforce integration. "It’s been a game-changer. From logging calls and taking notes to evaluating the potential of Powerdialer—Dialpad has fit into our operational matrix like a dream."

Screenshot of Dialpads Salesforce integration

Future-proofing with Ai: Foley's road ahead with Dialpad

As impressive as their transformation has been, Foley is eyeing the horizon with plans to delve deeper into Dialpad's suite of products. On their radar are features like QA scorecards, sentiment analysis, Ai Recap, and the prospect of leveraging Ai for customer satisfaction scores with Ai CSAT.

For Raymond and his team, AI is not just a tech buzzword but the future of their industry. "The transportation industry will see a revolution, given our interactions with various states and governments. The potential to consolidate and rapidly process data can redefine our operational tempo," Raymond shares.

Foley's embracing of Dialpad Ai goes beyond just tools. They're investing time and effort to educate their employees, ensuring a smooth transition. "At Foley, we've initiated bimonthly meetings, bridging any knowledge gaps and addressing concerns head-on," says Raymond. His advice to businesses standing on the brink of AI adoption? "Challenge yourself. In the AI era, it's the early adopters who'll set the pace."

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