Business Phone System Comparisons

Dialpad vs. 8x8

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to business phone systems. It can be a time-consuming task to determine which vendor makes the most sense for your business. We’ve made it simple by creating some quick guides on different VoIP phone providers. Here's an overview of how Dialpad stacks up against 8x8.

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Dialpad and 8x8 are cloud-based phone systems that offer a suite of products. Both platforms offer call centers, web conferencing, as well as integrations with popular apps such as G Suite and Salesforce. Although the two VoIP providers have a lot in common, there are several aspects where they differ. Check out the key differences between Dialpad and 8x8 below.

Admin Experience

Modern, intuitive Admin Portal with multiple self-serve capabilities

Limited self-serve options with outdated UI.

Device Switching

Seamless switching between devices

Limited device switching capabilities

Business Messaging

Robust messaging including SMS, MMS, and group messaging

Standard texts

Real-Time Voice Intelligence

Native Voice Intelligence features

Add-on Voice Intelligence features from third parties

Real-Time Coaching Features

Sophisticated real-time coaching features

No real-time coaching features

User Provisioning

Multiple provisioning partners like OneLogin, G Suite and Okta

Limited provisioning partners

Number of International Countries Supported




It is important to consider a cloud phone system's backend during your evaluation. A phone system's operational foundation directly impacts its maintenance and development over time. In turn, both factors contribute to how much you could be spending in the long run. Compared to 8x8, Dialpad's cloud telephony architecture is more modern, flexible, and reliable. Thanks to Dialpad's robust backend, users can expect consistent high quality calling. Even when there are software updates, you can expect the phone system to carry on as usual. Users can also take calls on different devices and switch between them effortlessly. The transition between devices is seamless, whether you are at your desk or on the go.


Telephony architecture can also determine its ability to develop and innovate over time. Dialpad’s backend allows for the addition of in-product artificial intelligence. Functionalities like Voice Intelligence and real time recommendations are native in Dialpad. Although 8x8 also has AI features, these are usually offered through strategic partnerships. These add-ons can come at an extra cost. And depending on the integration, you might need a separate contract altogether. Dialpad’s native AI features offer a seamless experience for users. Employees don’t have to use separate tools to enjoy innovative features. Dialpad is able to provide the most cutting edge technology within one system. This means better workflow and lower costs for you.


It should not take years of IT experience to understand and operate a business phone system at work. Basic functionalities should be easy to find, and features should be simple to use. Whether an employee is in Marketing, Sales, or the IT team, Dialpad is intuitive for everyone. Integrations with popular applications such as G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce provide accurate and automatic activity logging across different platforms. Business text messages sync with the mobile app so conversations are continuous and connected no matter what device you use. Furthermore, every Dialpad Talk account comes with a free Dialpad UberConference license. Dialpad UberConference is a web conferencing software that doesn't need a PIN or download. Users can start a conference call whenever they need. This makes it extremely convenient to collaborate over online meetings. These aspects of Dialpad all help to drive efficiency and ensure great communication.

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