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Does a CIO Have a Role To Play With Employee Mental Health? Find Out What CIO Elaine Montilla Thinks

Welcome back to “Work Beautifully,” the Dialpad podcast! This season, we’re bringing you the best insights, advice, and anecdotes from CIOs across industries.

We sit down with Elaine Montilla, CIO of the CUNY Graduate Center. Join in as she shares her thoughts on everything from why public speaking is so important for CIOs to why diversity matters and what we can all do to help make tech more diverse.

Listen in and learn:

  • Skills no CIO should be without (why is public speaking so important?)
  • Her road to being a CIO and the challenges she faced
  • The importance of minorities in tech and the obstacles that they face
  • Advice for aspiring CIOs
  • And more!

Listen to the episode now!