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🎉 It’s that time again! Let’s take a closer look at the latest batch of features released on the Dialpad platform in May.

Dialpad brings a seamless call experience to Intercom

Dialpad + Intercom: Start with a chat 💬, end with a call!📱

We’re excited to announce a Dialpad integration with one of the best messaging platforms around… Yep, Intercom. The Dialpad and Intercom integration brings sales and support teams a seamless experience across voice and messaging in their Intercom environment.

This new integration allows Intercom users to easily switch between Dialpad’s AI-powered calling and Intercom’s business messenger during interactions with customers.

With Dialpad’s new app built for Intercom, support teams are able to reduce resolution times and increase customer satisfaction. By launching phone calls from Intercom's messenger, the integration also empowers sales teams to close high-intent deals faster. Key features include:

Seamless calling

Instantly initiate a call at any point during an Intercom chat conversation by sending a Call Me card, where customers enter their number and connect with you in seconds.

When the call begins, a live transcription with real-time coaching prompts is automatically started in the Dialpad Everywhere widget, giving you a seamless transition between chat and voice.

Seamless Calling

Call logging

Details are logged directly in the Intercom chat history, with an active link to the call recording and Dialpad's Voice Intelligence™ (Vi) call summary transcript and features.

Call Logging

Coach from anywhere

Arm agents with the right answers through Real-Time Assist cards that include responses to frequently asked questions as well as a hyperlink to more information.

Coach From Anywhere

The Dialpad + Intercom integration is available to users with our Dialpad Contact Center and Dialpad Sell plans. Want to learn more? Check out our Dialpad + Intercom blog post or visit our app marketplace.

🌟 But wait, there’s more…

  • You can now launch UberConference in picture-in-picture mode, so the video stream will always sit on top of your desktop.

  • PIP mode is designed to let you see the audience’s reaction and interact with meeting participants without switching the tabs. You can keep your eyes on the viewers and the page you’re presenting at the same time, or pull up research and other documents while still seeing what’s happening in the meeting.