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Understanding call scripting software and how it can help your sales and support teams


Dialpad Team

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Call scripting software plays an underrated but important role in your business. If any part of your business includes sales or customer support, and most businesses do have at least one or the other, then you know how important a phone call can be when it comes to your brand and your bottom line.

Call scripting software makes it easier for your sales and support teams to interact with customers and potential clients, so let’s talk more about the benefits of call scripting software, how to improve your calls with call scripting software, and how you can support your teams with the right call scripting software.

What is call scripting?

Gone are the days of rigid call scripts, where agents would receive a definite, inflexible script that someone had written and had to work with the exact wording and operating procedures on it.

Today, call scripting software empowers agents with dynamic prompts and guidance, fostering authentic customer interactions.

So, what is call scripting software?

Now that we know what call scripting is, what is call scripting software anyway? While you may think that it’s simply software for creating scripts, call scripting software is any software that can help guide agents through calls and help them know what to say in any scenario.

By leveraging AI insights, supervisors can fine-tune scripts, optimize sales strategies, and resolve customer issues promptly.

How does call scripting software work?

Call scripting software works by using artificial intelligence and machine learning, including natural language processing, to create real-time guidance solutions for agents.

Even though supervisors help write the call scripts, the software behind the scripts is built on top of machine learning, where a computer is fed hundreds of interactions and trained to pick out linguistic nuances.

For instance, Dialpad Ai is trained on over five billion minutes of business conversations, enabling nuanced sentiment analysis of both the agent and the customer:

Screenshot of Dialpads sentiment analysis interface where the team is able to view the sentiment of live calls

And dynamically adjusting the agent’s prompts to guide them in effectively handling the conversation:

Screenshot of Dialpads real time assist card feature popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call

Supervisors can customize call scripting software using AI insights and sentiment analysis and use proven phrases and scenarios to improve sales conversions or solve customer issues.

Another unique thing about Dialpad is the Ai Recaps feature, which summarizes the entire transcript of the call into a few sentences, complete with action items:

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai Recaps feature generating a call summary and action items after a call

Benefits of call scripting software

There are many call scripting software benefits if you have the right call scripting solutions at your disposal. With a great call scripting software solution, you’ll have better and more consistent agent performance, reduction of human error, assistance in maintaining compliance, and easier and faster onboarding and training at scale.

Here’s what you can expect with Dialpad's call scripting software solution:

Better and more consistent agent performance

One way to have better and more consistent agent performance is to have your agents use Ai Playbooks. Ai Playbooks can give you better and more consistent agent performance because agents now have a standard operating procedure to follow and a set of options that they can choose from.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Playbooks feature

This way, your sales and support staff have predetermined “plays” that they follow, which is based on proven successes. In following the playbook, agents will already know what they’re supposed to do without having to improvise under pressure, which helps them perform better overall.

Also, because all of your agents are following the same playbook, they’re more consistent across the board, which gives customers better quality support.

Reduction of human error

With Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist, you’ll get reduction of human error in your sales and support interactions. Ai Agent Assist is a built-in agent assistant that is deeply integrated into existing knowledge centers, tools, and systems. Agents can access all of the organization’s knowledge base from a single chat interface, and pop them up in real-time when relevant trigger words are mentioned during a call:

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Agent Assist popping up relevant information during a live call

Because everything is in one place, agents can find answers to complex customer questions faster and without having to rely on memory, which can be faulty. Plus, agents are all on the same page in terms of policies, which means that customers will receive consistent answers across the board with less wait time and fewer errors.

Assistance in maintaining compliance

Call monitoring is one aspect of call scripting software that can be crucial when it comes to helping to maintain compliance. With Dialpad’s real-time transcripts, supervisors can monitor multiple calls at once, without having to listen to hours of audio:

screenshot of call recording interface in Dialpad allowing supervisors to scan through transcribed calls

Call monitoring assists in maintaining compliance because supervisors can monitor for agent compliance in terms of company policy and the law. Supervisors can assess whether their agent has handled calls appropriately and can use the recorded calls and transcripts as training for agents if they feel an agent has not been acting in accordance with company policy during a call.

Easier and faster onboarding and training at scale

With contact center training, you can onboard easier, faster, and train at scale. Contact center training, which involves customer interactions on multiple channels, works well with call scripting software.

We already mentioned Dialpad’s Ai Playbooks and Ai Agent Assist as two examples of how Dialpad empowers agents.

Tools like these allow for easier and faster onboarding and training at scale. Agents will need less time to onboard and don’t have to remember too many things at once, making the onboarding process faster, easier, and less frustrating, which lowers the turnover rate for agents.

With call scripting software, training at scale is also easier. Instead of one supervisor training one to three agents at a time, all new agents have access to the same knowledge base and call scripting software, which means that each trainee needs less personal training, making it easier to train more people at the same time.

Tips on how to improve your calls with call scripting software

Having the right call scripting solution can make a big difference in your call center. When you have the right call scripting software, you can even improve calls with te following tips:

Leave room for improvisation, customization, and personalization

Call scripting software can help you improve your calls. When it comes to the right call scripting software, you’re looking for a combination of training and dynamic software features that allow agents to diverge from scripted responses as and when they need to.

While a strong training base is good, leaving room for improvisation, customization, and personalization can yield good results. If a call script is too rigid, agents lose agency and can be frustrated or be lost when the situation deviates too far from the script they’re given.

Involve your agents in the creation of scripts and prompts

One way of making call scripting solutions work even better for your business is by involving your agents in the creation of scripts and prompts. This is especially true if you have seasoned, veteran agents used to the front lines writing them.

While call center or contact center supervisors are often promoted from within and are experienced agents themselves, sometimes things have changed in the trenches since their agent days. That’s why involving current agents in the creation of scripts and prompts in some capacity may help you improve your call scripting software.

Active agents are more familiar with current issues and trends facing customers and can provide additional insight that can be incorporated into scripts and prompts. By involving your current agents, you can add dimension to your scripts and treat their input as updates to your playbook.

Continually test, improve, and iterate scripts and prompts

A good call scripting app will help you continually test, improve, and iterate scripts and prompts. You can test your scripts and prompts internally, with live agents, or by running through your prompts with AI.

You’ll want to continually test, improve, and iterate your scripts and prompts to make sure that they’re up to date and still generate sales. With AI being able to transcribe and analyze hundreds of thousands of conversations, as well as provide insight, it’s easier than ever to test, improve, and iterate your scripts.

By continually improving your prompts with the latest AI insights, your sales team will be able to target the right people at the right time and your support team can resolve delicate situations more effectively.

Make it easy for supervisors to help when needed

Sometimes agents need help during a call. With Dialpad Ai, it’s easier than ever for supervisors to step in to resolve a situation without the customer ever knowing that their agent needed assistance (if the situation calls for it). One way that supervisors can be flagged down to help is through live sentiment analysis.

Dialpad’s live sentiment analysis makes it easy for supervisors to help when their agents need their support. During a conversation, agents can receive live coaching and assistance from both AI and a supervisor based on AI sentiment analysis if the supervisor feels that help is needed.

Once the supervisor is alerted, they have a few ways to help the agent out. Through Dialpad’s call scripting software, supervisors can send a Real-time Assist card to the agent to walk them through an issue, call barge on the agent, or call whisper to them.

A Real-time Assist card pops up on the screen to provide agents with additional information or more prompts.

Call barging means that the supervisor can enter the call as a third party and defuse the situation, answer higher-value questions, or prevent escalation.

Finally, supervisors can call whisper to an agent, which means that only the agent can hear what they’re saying while the customer cannot. The supervisor can then guide the agent through the call without disrupting the call itself on the customer’s side.

Support your teams with call scripting software features powered by Dialpad Ai

Sales and customer support calls can often be stressful for agents and the results of these calls can greatly impact an organization’s bottom line. One way to reduce stress on both your agents and your bottom line is to leverage the power of call scripting software and artificial intelligence.

With Dialpad Ai, you have access to highly trained and specialized business AI and call scripting software that is easily integrated into your own tools and lives in one place, making it extremely easy to use and access.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your call scripting software now with Dialpad.