6 Benefits of Visual Voicemail Blog

Can you imagine having your voice messages automatically transcribed from audio to text? That’s the promise of Visual Voicemail, which eliminates the need to listen to incoming voicemails and allows you to access them through a convenient, visual interface.

Having this text transcription is a boon in itself, but making the switch from a traditional setup can potentially offer even more benefits. Here are a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy when using Visual Voicemail.

Speedy Message Retrieval

Consider the traditional voicemail experience: It takes time to sign in, listen to messages, and then pick out relevant details from what can often be a hard-to-decipher voice recording. That’s not the case with Visual Voicemail, and the streamlined experience can actually save you time and grant a significant boost to your productivity.

With Visual Voicemail, you won’t have to dial in to listen to your messages. You’ll spend zero time listening and taking notes since your business voicemail service will have transcribed your messages in advance. All that’s left is for you to read — the same as you would a text message, email, or other visual forms of communication.

What’s more, you won’t have to hunt for specific messages any longer. Instead of listening to every voicemail in your mailbox until you find the right one, a quick visual scan will allow you to pinpoint the message you need with next to no hassle at all. Combined, these facets of Visual Voicemail ensure you can get to (and get through) your messages more quickly.

Increased Productivity

Having a visual overview of your messages makes it easier for you to determine what is most important and prioritize what you need to address first. You’ll find yourself responding more efficiently and voicemails will feel less burdensome as a result.

Furthermore, Visual Voicemail offers other benefits to productivity thanks to its increased speed. With the ability to access voicemail faster, you can respond in a more timely fashion, which offers several potential advantages:

  • In cases where a voicemail contains important business info, you can seize the moment to act on an opportunity or address a business concern more quickly.
  • In cases where a voicemail comes from a customer, you’ll be able to get back to them sooner — which goes a long way to improving their satisfaction.
  • In cases where a voicemail is from a prospective customer or lead, having instant voicemail access means you can respond before they lose interest in arranging a meeting or making a purchase.

By and large, the faster you can respond to varying situations, the better your outcomes. Visual Voicemail ensures speedy access to critical info so you can get more done, more quickly.

Easier Access

With some traditional voicemail systems, you need to have access to the audio hardware of your business desk phone to listen to your messages. Even with systems where you can retrieve your voice messages on the go, there’s still that audio component that limits your ability to access your voicemail. In many situations, listening to an audio message might cause disruption or wouldn’t be feasible.

Not the case with Visual Voicemail, which tackles both of these issues with ease. Visual Voicemail provides access to messages from beyond your desk, on any digital device. You can have transcribed voice messages saved to a remotely accessible hub or emailed straight to your inbox where you can get to them quickly.

The ability to access voice messages from any device — regardless of physical location — makes Visual Voicemail a valuable tool for remote workers and distributed teams. Its flexibility allows you to carry on business without interruption in situations where specific team members (or the whole team) have to work remotely.

When listening to a message isn’t a possibility, reading a transcribed message is typically acceptable, so you won’t be at a loss. In noisy environments or situations where you need to multitask, Visual Voicemail offers greater flexibility and allows you to stay up-to-date on important info while you’re out and about.

More Privacy

Unless you’re listening to all your messages through headphones, there’s a chance they might be overheard by eavesdropping ears.

Visual Voicemail removes the need to dial-in to hear who called and what they called about, as you can simply read your messages in text format after they’ve been transcribed. As a result, you limit the risk of having others overhear potentially sensitive information.

Easier Shareability and Forwarding

Good luck sharing a run-of-the-mill voice message. Forwarding a message to someone else’s voicemail can be tedious. Trying to download and forward an attachment can be technically complex.

To get around this, rather than forwarding the message itself, many people will listen to a message, take notes on key points, then send those notes to anyone who needs the information. It’s a clunky process that often causes confusion because of how easy it is to get details wrong when relaying that information.

This isn’t the case with a transcribed voicemail, which you can simply email to another recipient with ease. This improves clarity by eliminating the need to “play telephone” with information and letting others read the exact message in its entirety. It also makes it easy to share information with multiple other people at the same time.

What’s more, being in text form makes it easy to forward a specific message to colleagues in cases where you received a call that was intended for them.

Improved Recordkeeping

Trying to keep track of traditional voicemail messages is a tall order. Visual Voicemail, on the other hand, presents you with a straightforward and easy-to-implement recordkeeping tool. If you have your Visual Voicemail messages emailed to you, then it’s a simple task to store them in a folder (or several folders) and keep a detailed archive.

You can also download transcriptions and audio files to the device of your choosing and start building a record of your voicemail messages that way. Regardless of which method you decide to employ for recordkeeping, Visual Voicemail makes it easy to get started.

Adding Visual Voicemail to Your Productivity Toolkit

Visual Voicemail makes accessing messages easier, faster, and grants you more flexibility than traditional voicemail options. With a visual interface and message transcription, you’ll find yourself able to get more done with less hassle and fewer errors.

Visual Voicemail is included with Dialpad’s Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans, and can be accessed through the web portal or mobile app. If you’re ready to remove voicemail hassles and empower your team with the advantages of a modern business phone system, contact us today to find out more.