Recruitly Integration


Recruitly is a cloud-based recruitment platform offering CRM, ATS, Marketing and Job Distribution modules all under one roof.

Recruitly is a favourite choice for many recruiters across the globe. With Recruitly, you get powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use recruitment software.

Recruitly + Dialpad

Sync all your inbound and outbound calls with your Recruitly account. Get information on the person calling along with a link to Recruitly as soon as the phone rings.

Key Benefits

Keeps your CRM and ATS systems in sync by logging all the calls. Get the insights of the person you are calling. Logs all the calls as notes with configurable activity types.

How to setup

To add the Recruitly integration, you'll first need to install the Dialpad app from the Recruitly app store.

Follow this guide to install and configure Dialpad.

Steps to Install:

1) Log in to your Recruitly account

2) Visit the app store by clicking on this link

3) Click on the Install button under the Dialpad app

4) Follow on-screen instructions to connect to your Dialpad account.