Voicemail Drop

Accelerating outbound calling and prospecting is a great way to enhance your sales team's efficiency and productivity, and voicemail drop is an excellent feature to help your sales reps reach more prospects.

What is Voicemail Drop

A critical part of a salesperson’s day is calling prospects. Voice is still an essential activity for sales reps to connect with their potential customers and bring in revenue. However, the vast majority of calls go to voicemail. Leaving personalized voicemails is ideal but with so many prospects to call and only so much time in the day, sales reps waste a large amount of time doing so. In order to increase their call volume and likelihood of having a conversation with a prospect, sales reps can turn to a helpful feature like a voicemail drop. Voicemail drop enables sales reps to pre-record a voicemail greeting. When a prospect’s voicemail starts, they can simply click a button to start the pre-recorded message.

How Does Voicemail Drop Work

The voicemail drop feature is simple to set up. Sales reps can record a message before they start calling their prospect list. Once on a call, if the call goes to voicemail, they simply click a button to “drop” the pre-recorded voicemail. The sales rep can then end the call and move on to the next. Sales reps don’t have to stay on the line to hear the pre-recorded message. They also don’t have to spend time leaving personalized voicemails.

Why Is Voicemail Drop Useful

The goal for sales reps when cold calling is to start a conversation with their potential buyers. However, it often takes multiple calls to finally reach a prospect on the phone. This is why voicemail drop is a very useful feature. It allows sales reps to continue calling their prospect list without time being wasted on leaving individual voicemails. The biggest benefits of voicemail drops are:

  1. Sales rep efficiency: This is likely the most valuable benefit of voicemail drops. With a click of a button, sales reps can continue to call their prospects without interruption. This enables higher call volumes, and ultimately higher chances of getting someone to pick up.
  2. Valuable touch in the sales cycle: Many sales organizations tell their sales reps to simply not leave voicemails at all. When a sales rep does this, they could be missing out on an opportunity to create awareness or provide a message that resonates with the prospect. Voicemail drop provides a consistent message, every time without jeopardizing efficiency. The pre-recorded message could also be the touch point that gets a prospect to answer a rep’s email or call them back.
  3. Provides message performance insights: Because voicemail drops happen so quickly, the number of them can accumulate fast. This means sales managers have a large volume of the same consistent message they can pull insights from. How many callbacks happened with this voicemail drop? Are prospects following up in email after listening to the voicemail? These insights can help managers understand what messages are resonating with prospects.

How to Choose a Software that Offers Voicemail Drop

There are many software providers that offer voicemail drop as a feature. When evaluating these systems, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Integration with your CRM: As with any sales activity, voicemail drop should also be logged accurately in a CRM. When looking at different voicemail drop providers, be sure to find out who offers a seamless integration with your CRM. This will enable sales reps to be more efficient and will help to provide more accurate sales activity. More accurate sales activity helps sales leaders understand what actions are leading to closed revenue.
  2. Voice Quality via your Telephony System: A voicemail drop feature can only provide value for sales teams if it consistently records messages with high quality voice. If an organization has voicemail drop but a phone provider with poor call quality, the voicemail drop feature can’t drive an efficient calling process. Evaluate systems that offer voicemail drop that also have high quality telephony to ensure crystal clear messages are being recorded every time.
  3. Intuitive Interface: If it's too complicated to set up or use a feature, the adoption rate among sales reps will be low. This is why it’s essential to find a business phone system with the voicemail drop feature that is simple to use. Look for solutions that provide easy access for sales reps to set up the voicemail drop and create a variety of voicemails for different campaigns. In addition, ensure the voicemail drop provider makes it easy to know when to drop the voicemail and how to do it. Generally, providers that offer one click voicemail drop help sales reps have the most efficient calling process.