Company Directory

The Company Directory makes it incredibly easy to get in touch with anyone in your organization. You can quickly search for a colleague and send them a message, start a meeting, or call them with just one simple click.

Keep Everyone Connected

In modern business, easy and instant communication is a must have for success. With Dialpad’s Company Directory, you can quickly find any team member in your company and hop on a call or send them a message so you can collaborate more effectively, get answers faster, and solve problems sooner.

Whether they’re across the office or on another continent, Dialpad’s Company Directory makes every employee more accessible than ever before with an accurate list of up-to-date contact information that employees can trust.

How the Company Directory Works

When a new user is added to Dialpad, all of their important contact information—name, title, phone number and extension, and email address—are automatically populated into the Company Directory. 

To use Company Directory, simply click “Contacts” in your Dialpad dashboard. From there, click “Directory” to alphabetically view everyone in your organization’s name, phone number, and company email address. You can click on “Department” to see a list of all the departments you’ve created in Dialpad, as well as the operators that have been assigned to it.

To find a specific person’s contact information quickly, you can also type their name into the search field. Dialpad will automatically provide you with options of anyone in the organization with that name. From there, simply click their name to call or message them. 

Managing the Company Directory

As the organization’s Dialpad administrator, setting up the Company Directory is easy. In fact, once a user is invited to and joins Dialpad, they’re automatically entered into the Company Directory—no action required on your end. However, when an employee leaves the organization, they must be deleted manually from the administration portal.

Learn more about how to remove team members here.

Company Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my existing Company Directory into Dialpad?

As a Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 user, your contacts will automatically be imported into and synced with Dialpad when create your profile.

How many people can be stored in the Company Directory?

You can store as many people as you have connected to Dialpad within your organization.

What information will display when I search the Company Directory for a contact?

The following fields are displayed/synced with Dialpad: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number. Email/Phone numbers removed in G Suite/Office 365 will still display in Dialpad.

How can I view a contact’s profile in Dialpad’s Company Directory?

Within Dialpad, you can select any one of your contacts to view your conversation thread and their contact profile sidebar. You’ll also be able to see any relevant integration information—like shared documents—on the sidebar.

How do you remove people from the Company Directory?

As an administrator, profiles can be removed within the administration portal.