Build a connected company with Dialpad + Okta

Securely connect Dialpad across your organization with fast deployment, easy user management, and a simplified user experience.


Our integration with Okta Single Sign-On via SAML and SCIM means organizations can securely access features, manage users or create new offices in Dialpad from any device, anywhere.

  • Okta integration for administration

  • User management

  • Fast deployment

  • Okta for end users


What does the Okta integration do?

Very simply, it allows enterprise organizations that use Okta to manage their cloud-based software to access Dialpad securely.

What if my organization doesn’t use Okta—is it still safe to use Dialpad?

Absolutely. Dialpad is built on the Google Cloud Platform which provides unrivalled security. However, because many organizations use Okta as a requirement, we developed the integration in order to be compliant with those requirements.

Does this integration cost anything?

Nope. The integration is free, however it is only available on the enterprise plan.

How easy is it for admins to set up?

It’s quite simple to get started with. Check out this Help Center article for easy to follow steps.

How easy is it for users?

Will they adopt it? Almost certainly. If your organization is already using Okta, workers should be familiar with how to access and log into software.

How long does it take to deploy this integration?

We’ve designed deployment to be fast and painless. Though actual time will vary depending on the size and complexity of your organization, we believe this to be one of the easiest and fastest integrations to deploy for a large organization.

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