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How The Hero Co saves 3-5 hours a week with Dialpad Ai

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Imagine an organization responsible for not just one, but four unique brands providing a diverse set of services and products, including fitness, nutrition, online courses, and digital marketing.

That would be The Hero Company (and those four brands would be Sun Coast Sciences, Del Mar Laboratories, The Social Man, and Radiant Me).

As a company focused on delivering quality customer service and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction across their brands, having an efficient communications system that can also free up the resources of their small, 30-person team is crucial to their success.

Lori Grisham, The Hero Co’s Director of Customer Happiness, quickly found that their existing phone system was no longer serving them well. Not only did it lack the features they needed, but the team also didn’t have enough insight into the calls their Customer Happiness team was having.

A feature-rich platform packed with analytics capabilities

As a veteran in the fitness and nutrition industry with 15 years of experience, Lori has experienced her fair share of lackluster communications platforms, which gave her a sharper eye when it came to choosing the right communications platform for The Hero Co. “Dialpad really struck a chord with me, thanks to its Ai-powered, feature-rich platform,” says Lori.

She also appreciated that setting up Dialpad was easy, straightforward, and didn’t take up an unnecessary amount of team resources. “Implementing Dialpad was really easy. It’s a plug-and-play system,” says Lori.

“Once we got our numbers ported over, it probably took a couple of days to set up our contact centers. We were all set up within a week and ready to go,” says Lori.

From a management perspective, not needing an IT employee to set everything up was a big plus. “Unfortunately, hiring IT experts is quite expensive. But we didn’t need one for setting up Dialpad—our IT team was able to focus on other things, which frees up resources,” says Lori.

Understanding customer conversations and improving call quality with Dialpad Ai

Deeper insight into customer calls with call center analytics

But it wasn’t just the ease of setting up Dialpad that won Lori over—it was the way Dialpad Ai allowed The Hero Co to truly understand their customer conversations. Although The Hero Co has a small team, monitoring all the calls that are going on is still pretty challenging.

“I’ve used phone systems in the past where you need to wait at least 24 hours before you can see the previous day’s call statistics,” says Lori. This made it incredibly difficult and time-consuming to keep up with our analytics. “Having a live dashboard is so beneficial to our team because you can see what’s going on at any one time, within minutes,” says Lori. “This way, we can make sure customers are getting what they want.”

She also uses heat maps to show call volume patterns and see which days of the week are busier than others so she can schedule her team accordingly. “I use the heat maps so much,” says Lori:

Screenshot of Dialpad's built-in heat map analytics feature showing average speed to answer

Dialpad’s contact center analytics and live dashboards also help Lori free up her time. “I do all my KPIs on a monthly basis, and Dialpad helps me save eight hours a month because I can quickly look at call analytics to figure out what’s going on,” says Lori.

Better call quality with call dispositioning and Custom Moments

Dialpad’s call dispositioning and Custom Moments features also make improving call quality a lot easier for Lori’s team. “We QA our calls for quality but also for training. For example, if a customer is angry in a call, they might ask to talk to a manager or supervisor,” says Lori. But this doesn’t always get done, for various reasons. “The agent might feel like they can handle the call themselves. But it’s still important for supervisors to monitor those calls to make sure we follow up with the customer.”

Call dispositioning and Custom Moments make the QA process a lot faster and more efficient for Lori’s team. “Custom Moments helps us save three to five hours a week as we don’t have to manually go through call recordings or transcripts. Previously, we would have to listen to every call to find out what a customer wants,” says Lori.

More confident agents with AI

For new customer happiness agents, it can be overwhelming to learn about The Hero Co’s diverse set of products and services, and be able to provide top-quality customer service at the same time. That’s where Dialpad’s Real-time Assist cards come in handy.

With Dialpad’s Real-time Assist (RTA) cards, contact center agents get automatically triggered pop-ups on their screens with notes on how to speak to tricky questions.

“Real-time Assist cards help our new agents figure out what to say or where to go when people are calling,” says Lori. “This gives them more confidence at being able to help customers better.”

A smoother workflow with Dialpad Integrations

Having Dialpad integrate with their existing tech stack is another handy feature for The Hero Co’s customer happiness team. Specifically, Lori’s team uses the Dialpad + Zoho CRM and Dialpad + Slack integrations.

“We have a Dialpad channel set up in Slack and forward voicemails that come into our email support system. We also feed those back to Zoho and use the Dialpad sidebar for activity tracking, which makes the entire workflow really smooth,” says Lori.

What’s next: CSAT, Chrome CTI, and Dialpad Ai Sales Center

Now that The Hero Co’s customer happiness team has experienced the benefits of using Dialpad Ai to free up their resources, improve call quality and the customer experience, they’re turning their attention to using features like Ai CSAT to automatically collect and improve CSAT scores on every call and the Chrome CTI, which lets them make phone calls right from the Chrome web browser. They’re even planning to activate their sales license as they will be hiring a new sales team soon—their first one!

We can’t wait to see The Hero Company take full advantage of the available Dialpad features to serve their customers even better!

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