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How PT Services increases sales by 5-10% a year with Dialpad Ai

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Since 1992, The PT Services Group has connected financial and insurance service providers to new prospects in their area. By hiring local Business Development Representatives experienced with interacting with C-level executives and high-level decision-makers, PT Services helps their clients grow their businesses in ways they previously couldn’t.

To do this, they needed a good collaboration and sales engagement platform. Their previous on-prem solution wasn’t growing with their modern team, and the contract was also coming to an end—which prompted the PT Services team to choose something a little more modern and robust, that fits their client-forward, people-focused culture.

This responsibility fell on Bob Zupanek, President of The PT Services Group. We spoke to Bob about how he chose a solution that helped his team improve sales by 5-10% a year—and maintain their place as Pittsburgh’s top place to work.

Connecting remote agents on one platform

Before the pandemic, the entire PT Services team was in-house. With their previous on-premises solution, they could only call from one physical location: their Pittsburgh office. But as with many other businesses, the pandemic required them to work remotely, which meant a lot of agents working from different parts of the United States.

Dialpad was able to facilitate this transition to remote work smoothly, something that their on-prem provider would not be able to do. “The ability to connect all our agents on one platform was new to us. It’s a win for us to be able to have that,” says Bob.

Another reason Bob chose Dialpad as their new provider? While Dialpad Ai and transcriptions were attractive features, being able to call prospects locally was huge, even if their agents were spread across the country.

Local presence was a big factor for me. We call on behalf of our clients, so being able to seem like we’re sitting in their office is important,” says Bob.

Helping agents keep up with rapidly shifting legislation using AI

In the financial and insurance services industries, legislation changes regularly and sometimes rapidly. For PT Services’ BDR’s , staying compliant with the latest legislation is critical to their success—it also helps them avoid any potential legal issues.

Real-time Assist (RTA) cards were another big reason Dialpad stood out to Bob and his team. “The fact that we can pre-program speaking points and workflows was big from a training viewpoint. In an ever-changing industry with new legislation, we can quickly train agents,” says Bob.

For example, new legislation might mean changes to Qualified Retirement Plans. If a prospect mentions Qualified Plans, PT Services’ reps will know how to respond thanks to the RTA card popups on their screens:

Screenshot of Dialpads AI powered real time assist card feature popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call

Before Dialpad, the only way to update the sales team on legislation changes is to run in-person group meetings. “We would have a lot of team huddles, which means grabbing a bunch of folks and putting them in a room,” says Bob. “We also used to have big boards that our team would glue notes on, and place at their cubicles to remind them of what to say to prospects.”

Now, RTA cards can easily and quickly guide seasoned and new sales reps on what to say and do when topics involving new legislation come up—even when they’re not in the office. “RTA cards are a great way to get the right information to our remote agents,” says Bob.

“An increase of five to 10 percent in sales”

Besides legislation tips, RTA cards are also helping the sales team close more deals. Before, if a prospect mentioned something a rep didn’t know how to respond to, they’d need to try and find a manager—which wasn’t always the easiest thing to do while they’re on the phone with a prospect.

“Now, the information is there in real time to guide our reps if they don’t know how to respond. Our reps love it!” says Bob. “RTA cards help our reps a lot and easily save them two to three hours a week because they don’t have to chase down a supervisor for help.”

The icing on the cake? “We’re also seeing improved results in outbound calls and closed deals this year—an increase of five to 10 percent in sales to be specific,” says Bob.

“We used to have to sit through hours and hours of call monitoring”

With Dialpad’s AI-powered Custom Moments, PT Services’ team can also gain more insight into what’s going on during their calls.

How it works: The team can create a “Custom Moment” to track how often any keyword or topic comes up on a call. (For example, how often does “Competitor X” come up on a sales call?)

Custom Moments have also come in handy in a unique way for the team—by helping them be more strategic during quarterly business reviews with clients.

The team used to have no accurate way of analyzing calls and spotting trends. Now, during quarterly meetings, they can highlight to clients if a certain topic is surfacing more than others. Custom Moments also help the PT Services team provide useful conversational insights, since Dialpad Ai can pick out which topics come up most often on customer calls.

PT Services can share these popular topics with their clients, which will then spark ideas for how to sell to their customers from different angles. “The client may have an angle they prefer to take regarding a certain topic. We can use the data from Custom Moments to guide how we should change the script,” says Bob.

“We used to have to sit through hours and hours of call monitoring to spot historical trends,” says Bob. “Now we know exactly how many times a certain topic has been mentioned.”

The biggest benefit here? “Not only does Custom Moments provide us with insightful information, but it also helps our team save so much time compared to doing it manually. We're saving 20% of our time with Custom Moments across our organization,” says Bob.

Pittsburgh’s top place to work, 12 years in a row

For 12 years, The PT Services Group has prided itself on being Pittsburgh’s top place to work. That was all before the pandemic, before they had a distributed team. In order for them to maintain that status with remote and hybrid team members, having a communications platform that helped them keep up the same client-forward and people-focused culture within the organization, and also outside of it—was key.

“Dialpad Ai has been really important for us culturally. We use the chat features, groups, and channels a lot within Dialpad, which help us communicate and collaborate with each other better,” says Bob.

Call summaries have also helped the PT Services team follow up with calls and take notes better—for internal calls and client calls.

“When we came back to a world where everyone wants to communicate remotely, Dialpad played a big part in helping us keep up with that,” says Bob.

What’s next: Live dashboards, Ai Scorecards

Since the PT Services was part of the Ai Scorecards early adopter program, they want to continue using it to deliver accurate, actionable, and comprehensive grading on all customer conversations. They’re also planning to take full advantage of contact center dashboards for more accurate, real-time metrics.

We can’t wait to see The PT Services Group take full advantage of the available Dialpad features to serve their clients even better!

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