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How New City Moving revamped their customer experience with Dialpad Ai

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In the heart of Chicago, a city synonymous with hustle and movement, New City Moving has carved a reputation as a trusted partner for those on the move. With its roots dating back to August 2009, New City Moving is more than just a moving company—it's an institution committed to exceptional customer service and a seamless moving experience.

Operating with over 85 moving trucks and employing between 250-350 people seasonally, their dedication to customer service shines through in every interaction. Their hands-on approach ensures that every employee, from the ones answering your calls to the team handling your prized possessions, aligns with their core value of prioritizing customer satisfaction. With over half of their moves stemming from repeat customers, their success is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their clientele.

Yet, as the world faced unprecedented challenges with the onset of COVID-19, New City Moving encountered its own set of hurdles. Their existing phone system proved inadequate for remote operations—a necessity in these uncertain times. Not only did the system fall short in supporting remote work, but it also lacked essential features like call recordings, vital metrics, and more, making it increasingly challenging to optimize staffing during peak moving seasons. This left them in a quandary during their busiest time from May to December.

"Shifting to remote operations exposed the gaps in our phone system. We knew we needed more than just basic call capabilities—we required insights and analytics to drive our business forward," shares Clare McDevitt, Director of Sales at New City Moving. Her insights into the company's challenges and her commitment to addressing them set the stage for their journey with Dialpad.

“We wanted to leverage more business insights to grow our company.”

After realizing that their existing telephony system wasn't cutting it, New City Moving ventured into the world of modern communication platforms. Amidst a myriad of choices, Dialpad's offerings captured their attention. For a company that prided itself on detailed customer service, Dialpad's promise of rich insights and analytics was compelling. Plus, the interface was intuitive and accommodating—qualities that would be key for a smooth transition for the team.

Clare recalls, "When we first came across Dialpad, it felt revolutionary. The comprehensive metrics it offered were beyond anything we'd seen. It wasn't just a phone system—it was a solution to propel our growth." Dialpad's history, closely tied with tech innovators known for shaping modern communication, also bolstered New City Moving's confidence in the choice.

What resonated most with the New City Moving team were the tangible benefits they began to notice immediately. The ability to optimize staffing during the peak moving season became easier with Dialpad's insights. Clare recalls, "Not only could we now track the volume of calls, but we also had a clear picture of call durations, peak times, and even customer sentiment. This information was invaluable in ensuring we had the right number of staff available at the right times."

Revamping the customer experience through empowered employees

The New City Moving, the customer experience is paramount to the success of their business. Every interaction—whether it’s a call to inquire about storage options or a detailed discussion about moving logistics—plays a pivotal role in shaping the client's perception. New City Moving recognized this and turned to Dialpad's suite of tools to ensure their team was equipped to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Increasing score count 6x with Ai Scorecards

The core of any customer service lies in the quality of interactions. New City Moving's management knew that for their customers, every call mattered. Enter Ai Scorecards—a feature designed to elevate the quality of sales calls.

Screenshot of Dialpads call review interface

With Ai Scorecards, supervisors can easily review and rate calls, ensuring that every employee adheres to the company's high standards. More than just a tool for assessment, it became a powerful training asset. Clare remarks, "By leveraging the insights from Ai Scorecards, we identified areas of improvement and celebrated exemplary performances. The transparency it provided bridged the feedback gap, enabling our team to continuously refine their approach."

The result was noticeable. Calls became more streamlined, customer queries were addressed more efficiently, and the overall customer satisfaction rates soared. “Before, we could only score maybe one card per week per team member, as it took us 15 minutes to score a card. Now, we can score a card in under a minute, so we can score 20 to 30 cards per person, compared to only four per person previously—meaning we can give our team as much feedback as possible so they know how to improve,” says Clare. “Ai Scorecards also gave me back my Saturdays, as I no longer have to spend it reviewing and scoring calls.”

Ai Scorecards are a testament to the fact that when employees are given the right tools and feedback, they can elevate the entire customer journey.

Empowering employees with Ai Agent Assist cards

Onboarding and training, particularly in a dynamic industry like moving and storage, can be challenging. New City Moving wanted to reduce the learning curve and ensure that even their newest employees could handle complex inquiries with confidence.

That's where Dialpad's Ai Agent Assist cards came into play. These cards, popping up during live calls, provided employees with on-the-spot guidance, best practices, and key information. Instead of relying solely on memory or notes, the assist cards served as a real-time mentor, guiding the employee through the call.

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Agent Assist popping up real time guidance during a live call

"For our newer team members, the assist cards were a game-changer," Clare notes. "It accelerated their training, instilling confidence and ensuring that every customer received accurate and consistent information."

By empowering their employees with tools like the assist cards, New City Moving not only enhanced the efficiency of their onboarding process but also fostered an environment where employees felt supported and equipped to excel.

Improving productivity and efficiency with Ai transcriptions

For New City Moving, staying ahead means harnessing the power of advanced technology to streamline workflows and improve the overall efficacy of their communication processes. Among the myriad of tools offered by Dialpad, the Ai transcriptions stood out, ushering in a new era of productivity and efficiency for the team.

Ai voice transcriptions automatically convert voice into text in real time, ensuring no detail is missed during crucial client interactions. The immediate availability of these transcriptions means that team members no longer have to spend hours jotting down notes or revisiting recordings, freeing them to focus on more pressing tasks.

Screenshot of Dialpads real time transcription running during a live call

The Ai Recaps feature is particularly beneficial for the team. After each call, a summarized version of the key points and action items is generated. Clare enthuses, "The Ai Recaps were a lifesaver. They allowed us to quickly glance at the summarized points, ensuring we were always on top of our tasks. Compared to having to review a 10-minute long call, we can now find what we need in 30 seconds."

Furthermore, with the Custom Moments feature, New City Moving can set specific triggers that would be automatically highlighted in the transcription. This means that any potential issues or crucial client requests can be rapidly identified and addressed, ensuring smooth operations and top-notch customer service.

By embracing Dialpad's Ai Recaps, New City Moving can bolster its operational efficiency and ensure a more consistent and high-quality customer experience. In an industry where details matter, having a comprehensive and easily accessible record of every interaction is a game-changer.

Leveraging analytics for better performance insights

Previously, Clare's team had a limited view of their operations. "We knew call volumes but lacked deeper insights," she reflects. Now, with Dialpad's intuitive dashboard, they immediately grasp key performance indicators. They spot call patterns, optimize staff allocation during busy hours, and streamline training for swift issue resolution.

Screenshot of Dialpads call analytics dashboard

A standout benefit is sentiment analysis. Dialpad's ability to gauge customer mood during calls is invaluable. Clare notes, "We see sentiment shifts in real-time, pinpointing exactly when issues are resolved or frustrations arise." This direct feedback has revolutionized their training approach.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai analyzing the sentiment of multiple calls in real time

In essence, Dialpad's analytics empowers New City Moving with the insights needed to continually refine its processes and elevate customer experiences. As Clare puts it, "With Dialpad, we're not just seeing—we're understanding and acting."

Looking ahead: Embracing the future of AI

As New City Moving continues its upward trajectory, the role of technology, especially AI, remains paramount. While Dialpad's core communications tools have been transformative, additional features like Dialpad Meetings and the seamless integration with their bespoke CRM through custom APIs underline the platform's versatility.

Clare emphasizes, "Dialpad Ai Meetings has revolutionized how we communicate internally. Despite our sprawling operations, we've never felt more connected." The custom API integrations, on the other hand, have bridged the gap between their unique CRM system and Dialpad, ensuring that customer information flows smoothly across platforms.

But the real star, as New City Moving sees it, is AI. "AI is not just a tool—it's our co-pilot," Clare states. With AI, they're not only streamlining operations but are reshaping the entire customer experience. Customers benefit from swift resolutions, and every interaction becomes an opportunity for improvement.

Reflecting on their journey, Clare offers a vision: "We believe in the power of AI to amplify human potential. It's not about replacing the human touch, but enhancing it." As they chart their course forward, New City Moving envisions a world where technology and humanity work hand in hand, continually innovating for the betterment of all.

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