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How Glo Preemies™ is improving health equity with Dialpad

Two adults with an infant

Imagine you are a parent of a premature newborn infant fighting for their life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). You’re experiencing health inequity first-hand, but navigating the complex systemic racism prevalent in healthcare proves challenging.

That’s exactly the problem that Glo Preemies™ set out to solve—their mission is to raise the voice of Black families in the NICU and post-NICU, and to create racial and health equity through policy advocacy, professional and family educational initiatives, and family support for African American families.

For Glo Preemies™, being able to stay connected to families in the NICU is integral to their work. But their existing phone service wasn’t very good, and made it hard for them to do this.

Ashley Randolph, Glo Preemies™ Founder and President, knew that switching their communications provider was critical to their NICU community’s quality of life.

“We were online and ready to serve within hours”

As a non-profit organization that relies on donations and sponsorships, their existing phone service was getting too expensive. “We survive off of donations and sponsorships, but those were slowing down during the pandemic,” says Ashley.

But as soon as they started to abandon the idea of having an affordable and scalable phone line 24/7, Ashley came across Dialpad through a community leader event for the Sacramento Kings.

“We needed a reliable company to work with on our mission because we need to be reliable for our families,” says Ashley. “With Dialpad, I instantly knew this could help our non-profit tremendously.”

After applying to the Sacramento Kings x Dialpad Community program, setting up was quick and seamless. “It was easy to get myself and the team connected and set up,” says Ashley. “We were online and ready to serve within hours.”

Supporting families better with Dialpad Ai

Once the Glo Preemies™ team was up and running on Dialpad, they went right to setting up custom routing so different departments could have their own phone line. For the team, this meant they didn’t have to use their personal phones for work anymore.

“Dialpad helped me get my life back, keep us open 24/7, and decreased stress levels among the entire team,” says Ashley. “Dialpad also keeps us connected no matter where we are in the world.”

For their NICU families, custom routing means they can get help from the right person at all times, avoiding disjointed support and frustrating situations. “Dialpad allows our families to speak to who they need immediately, without waiting, getting put on hold, or transferred to someone else,” says Ashley.

What’s more, with live Ai coaching, Glo Preemies’™ case managers can provide families with more accurate information more quickly. “ Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist helps our staff answer families’ questions 24/7 about our operating hours, upcoming workshops, and who to email for immediate help with different topics,” says Ashley:

Screenshot of Dialpads Ai Agent Assist feature automatically searching for information to help an agent or rep in real time

The best part? “They can do all the above independently, without supervisor support.”

Improving operational efficiency with live transcriptions and call summaries

During calls and meetings, Dialpad’s live transcriptions and automated call summaries also help the Glo Preemies™ team focus on the conversation. “Dialpad Ai instantly transcribes calls and meetings, takes care of note-taking and tracking action items, then sends us a post-call summary right to our inbox,” says Ashley. “This is the biggest time saver for our team.”

Screenshot of Dialpads AI powered post call summary with transcript and recording

Thanks to the Sacramento Kings x Dialpad Community program, made possible through Dialpad For Good, Glo Preemies™ is enjoying significant financial savings. “We’re saving over $5,000 a year with Dialpad,” says Ashley. “This means that in three years, we will save over $15,000 and reach three times more families.”

Looking ahead: Serving 1 million people by 2025 with Dialpad

Glo Preemies™ is just getting started! “We want to serve 1 million people before 2025. Dialpad was the right choice for us because they are growing with us,” says Ashley.

“We never thought having a 24/7 phone line for our families was possible, but Dialpad made our dream a reality.”

We can’t wait to see how Glo Preemies™ will continue to enjoy more Dialpad Ai features to grow their non-profit and help more Black families have better NICU experiences!

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